10 Ways To Create A Cozy & Calming Bedroom

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After a long day at work, all you want to do is return to the comfort of home. Your cozy bedroom has done its late afternoon duty of rejuvenating you, making you feel better after just a few minutes.

No? Then you do not have the right cozy and comfortable bedroom! Let these tips help you get the kind of bedroom that creates an oasis for you every day.

1. Warm, Darker, Richer Colors or All White

Your haven should be decorated either in a comforting glow of encompassing white or rich, warm colors. Both invite you into their embrace, seducing you with their palettes to stay and relax.

2. Comfortable Furniture decorated in different textures

When you walk into your room and lie on your bed you should be throwing yourself into the arms of a loving embrace. The bed itself does not have to be too soft; it should match what suits your needs, but a fluffy duvet, a faux fur blanket and a mixture of textures will all help you get a good night’s sleep. 

3. Aromatherapy

Whatever your favorite scent, make sure it greets you as you enter your room. That first deep breath will help calm you immediately. Buy reed sticks, candles, plug-ins, essential oils or whatever you have to do to keep your health in check. It is a scientific fact that your olfactory sense is the strongest memory sense. If you associate that scent with calm and peace, then each time you smell it you will return to a calmer place.

4. Lighting dimmer switch

During the day, your room should be bright and airy, but at night it should be a little dimmer, embracing you in warmth.

You can replace your regular switch for a dimmer switch; this way you have control of the mood you set for your room.

5. Bedding Matches Room (Balance)

The thread count of your linen will make a huge difference. If you’re not sure, invest in a set and see! Once you have slept on 600 or 1000 thread count Egyptian sheets, you won’t want anything else.

But this is about matching your bedding to your room. If you have chosen deep, vibrant colors, go with a textured brocade to make you feel like royalty. If you have opted for a white theme, perhaps a full crème on white Laura Ashley duvet. Whichever you choose, make it match, so it is all about decadence.

6. Pillows

Fluff, Fluff and overstuff. Nothing is more luxurious than rolling around in a pile of pillows. Big, fluffy pillows of all shapes, sizes, and textures make everything all better. The first thing to do when you crawl into bed at night is NOT to be Miss Neat Freak. You bought those pillows not only for their aesthetic appeal but also because they cried out “hug me, love me.” So bring out your inner child, and do it. Throw yourself right down in the middle of at least ten fluffy pillows, wallow in them, take your favorite and hug it like a stuffed animal, throw it in the air. Then you can shove them off the bed, put them in the corner where they belong, sleep with them and make pillow play a nighttime ritual.

This might sound crazy, but you’re releasing happy endorphins right before getting ready for bed, which will make you sleep sounder and easier!

7. Decorate with Antiques

Decorating with Antiques is a brilliant way to make your room feel comfy and cozy. Why? Because subconsciously it is going to remind you of the good old days, of chocolate chip cookies, and Christmases with the family. So find a few antique items that remind you of your grandmother or grandfather, and set them in ideal locations that will bring in the comforts of home for the holidays feel. A steamer trunk at the foot of the bed is a handy storage space, and a singer sewing machine table makes a fabulous night stand. Think of ways to repurpose these items to cozy up your room.

8. Paint a Piece of Canvas or Vintage Wallpaper

Vintage wallpaper is a way to go to set the mood for comfort, but there are more artistic ways to go about personalising your bedroom. Find a piece of 10 x 10ft canvas at Habitat for Humanity - it should only sete you back a dollar. Set this behind your bed, and every few months paint it different deep hue. Add and blend, and just have fun!

9. Crystal filled with Candles or Faux Fireplace

Are you one of those people who have a ton of crystal candy dishes that belonged to your grandparents, or that you picked up at a yard sales, but you never use them?  An excellent way to set a room for comfort is to fill those dishes with different sized white or dark candles to add a beautiful warm glow - plus the reflection off of the crystal makes dancing little prisms throughout your room.

10. Signature Music 

On my TV, phone, or iPod I have my favorite station plugged in The Piano Guys. They started out as an instrumental duo who played everything from top 40, metal, and classical, to Disney, all on the piano and cello. It is a symphonic wonderland for my ears.  Whatever your soothing go-to music is, have it playing in the background so when you enter your oasis, you immediately feel a sense of calm.

These ten suggestions should start you down the road to a sanctuary of contentment and peace. Upon entering your bedroom, you should feel like you have entered a place of peace, where you can relax all your senses.This is your safe haven, and it should be as perfect as possible.

What tactics do you follow to give your bedroom your personal touch? Let us know in the comments below.

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