16 Tips For Livening Things Up When Your Brand Gets Stale

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The ability to build relevant brands is usually hindered by the current complex marketing world. Constantly changing trends can result in old brands looking outdated. Brands that looked great just a few years ago may suddenly look old and overplayed as new players enter the market. It thus becomes mandatory for any business to make changes every now and then in order to remain connected.

However, one should note that too many changes or sudden drastic changes may result in confusing your current loyal customers. Therefore, here are 16 tips that can help inject your business with that little bit of excitement that it needs.

1. Keep An Eye On Engagement

Keep an eye on your analytics right from the start. This will help you determine the factors working effectively on your website and your social media platforms. With this information in mind, you can ensure that you are not missing out on opportunities for leads, sales, or greater traffic.

2. Introduce New Products

It may be time to rejuvenate your business by introducing new products. Do not hesitate in removing a product if you feel that it is not doing well. Creativity is one significant aspect to revitalize your business, liven up your brand, and also set your business apart from the others.

3. Build A New Campaign

Creating a fun or new marketing campaign is a surefire way to impress your customers and regain their interest. We live in a society that is obsessed with instant return on investment and where concentration is low, so building an attractive campaign will help you navigate through that.

4. Revamp Or Rebuild Your Website

If your business is more than two years old, you need to redesign your website to give it a new and fresh look. For this, it is advised to bring in a website designer who can suggest new ways to attract customers to your site. 

5. Present An Attractive Logo

If you feel that the logo you had created at the start of your business is out of date, you need to go in for a new one. Most brands feel that presenting a small new logo can help reach a larger audience while still keeping their previously loyal customers on their side. 

6. Create A New Slogan

Take a good look at your slogan to make sure that it still represents your brand. It is suggested that your catchline should change along with the growth of your products and services. 

7. Go Out Of Your Way To Meet Your Customers

Get back in touch with your customers if you haven't been in contact with them for a while. To make customers aware of your brand you need to think about regularly interacting with them. A good business should focus on providing satisfactory customer service; as word-of-mouth is still considered to be one of the most powerful marketing strategies. 

8. Organize A Conference

A conference is a way to establish your business as a thought leader while remaining aware of new trends and ideas.

9. Get Involved In Local Events

Participate in charity events and fundraising fairs. You will get an insight into how people view your brand, whilst also showing support to the local community. You can even partner with a charitable organization whose mission may align with yours — it will help your brand stand out.

10.  Look For A New Audience

If your marketing campaigns are not having the desired effect on your customers and are somehow being sidelined, try targeting a new audience. Get in touch with new people you have not yet interacted with. Study your audience on an annual basis and constantly plan to enter newer markets that may be beneficial to your business. 

11.  Go online or digital

Consider a different way to market your products and services. Set up an online store for your goods and / or services. Allow customers to buy from your online shop directly, and in the case of services, allow your customers to get appointments through your website.

12.  Go Retro

Consider going retro.

An recent example of this is Bath & Body Works who released their old perfumes and scents to liven up their diminishing brand.

13. Partner Up With Another Business

There might be other companies in your industry — either locally or otherwise — that may require exposure. You could successfully partner with a sponsor and create a new product. This will not only combine your resources, but also increase your customer base! 


14. Understanding The Time To Pivot

In some cases, one tends to realize that the present approach of a business is just not getting the desired results anymore. When the business becomes stagnant it's time to move in an entirely different direction. That is, it's time your business explore different avenues to marker your brand — avenues that you might not have previously considered. 

15.   Freshen Up Your Social Profiles

Are your social media profiles outdated and neglected? Restore your social media profiles by freshening up the website URL, photo, company name and the position. Try including recent projects and other related achievements. Your website’s branded visual looks should be carried forward to your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter backgrounds.  Make sure that all information about your company on social media sites is accurate and up-to-date. Post quality content to each platform on a daily basis in order to increase your follower base.  

16.   What Is Being Said About You?

Try entering your business and personal name on Google search and observe the results. Blog posts, articles, and other content is a great determinant of your brand on the internet. For better results, set up a Google Alert for your businesses name so that you get notified every time you are mentioned online. This will help you manage your online reputation while taking further SEO action like link building. 

It is mandatory for a brand to constantly keep improving to keep up with the present competitive world of new businesses. The best way is to regularly evaluate your current results and find ways and means to update them to ensure that you are constantly moving in the right direction. 


How did you rejuvenate your business? Let us know in the comments below!

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