21 Apps That Will Make You More Efficient At Life

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There are many, many apps out there, but some give you real value. The modern world is all about tech and making things more efficient and convenient. Apps are one of the best ways to achieve this. Today you can have all kinds of apps on your mobile device that will make you much more productive, and help you achieve the goals you set out for each day.

1. Out of Milk Grocery Shopping List App

Out of Milk is an app for Android phones that is used to track shopping needs. It makes household shopping easy because lists can be shared. This eliminates mistakes such as forgetting to buy something, or buying something that another family member has already bought.

2. Word Lens App

Have you ever travelled to a foreign country and found yourself unable to understand critical information such as road signs, menus and news headlines because of language barrier? This app allows you to translate text in real time simply by holding your phone’s camera in front of what you want to translate. It works like magic! One moment a sign is in a foreign language, and in an instant it is in your chosen language.

3. Strides Goal and Habit Tracking App

This app - that costs around US$4 - is amazing for people who want to achieve their goals. You set your goals and the app keeps you on track. Do you want to exercise more, drink more water, save money or track the time you spend on study? This app will make that possible.

4. Red Cross First Aid

What would you do if your father suffered a sudden heart attack at home, or your toddler choked? What if you got involved in a road traffic accident and your little one was hurt? This life saving app provides you with simple, easy to follow advice on how to handle everyday emergencies.

5. Unf*** Your Habit

Have you been working really hard and not paying attention to your house, and now it is one giant mess? This is app will keep you motivated as you clean your house one step at a time, without overexerting yourself.  The app has a lot of swearing and profanity, so be arned before you start using it!

6. Quizlet

This free app makes study easy and fun by using flashcards, tests and games. It works best when combined with the Quizlet website to enable learners create their own flashcards. It is recommended for age 14 and above, because learners have access to uncensored information, some of which is inappropriate for younger children.

7. Pepperplate Recipe App

Pepperplate is the app that allows you to store recipes online. Upload your own apps, or those you love on the worldwide web. It makes everything about food easy, from meal planning to shopping and trying out different recipes. Select the recipe you want to try, and the app will supply a shopping list. Just key in the recipe, and the app will list the ingredients for you.

8. Plant Nanny

This app helps you to stay hydrated by ensuring you drink enough water every day. Just download the free app, input your personal information - weight, height and physical activity - and the app will let you know how much water you need to drink every day.

You choose a plant to represent you and click a button whenever you drink water. When you do not drink water, your beautiful plant becomes miserable and withers, and could eventually die. When you drink water, you plant grows bigger and healthier. It is an interesting way to ensure you drink enough water every day. 

This is especially a very good app for freelancers working on sites such as freelancer.com.

9. 7 Minute Workout

The 7 minute workout session takes you through 12 high intensity exercises in just 7 minutes to keep you fit when you are unable to go to the gym. 30 seconds each of push-ups, abdominal crunches, jumping jacks step-ups onto a chair and wall sits, with 10 seconds rest between the exercises.

This short, intense workout session can be done anywhere, even in the office, because it requires no equipment apart from a chair or stool, and possibly a mat to place on the floor.

10. Citymapper

Do you get lost in busy cities, or waste a lot of time using roads that have heavy traffic? Do you wonder which mode of transportation is best in a city you are visiting for the first time? Citymapper is the transport app that gives you all possible routes, using different modes of transport.

Whether you choose to use the bus, train or taxi; cycle or walk, Citymapper will show you the possible routes to use. You can now choose the most convenient route. The app is available for Washington DC, London, Rome, Paris, Boston, Chicago and other major cities around the world.

11. Waze

This is a real time GPS, maps and traffic alert to help save time. Get alerts about traffic snarl-ups, accidents, police and speedcam alerts, as well as find gas stations so that you can make better route choices on the go. This app works anywhere in the world.

12. TripIt

This travel organizer will simplify your life if you are a frequent traveler. It organizes all your travel itineraries in one place. All you need to do is to forward your confirmed travel plans and the app prepares a master itinerary for each of your trips. Access your travel trips in an instant on your smartphone, computer or tablet. The premium service will send you reminders about important information such as flight delays, and even help you to find an alternative flight. 

13. Select Who

Eliminate arguments about who gets to do the dishes or take out the trash. This apps brings fun into selecting who gets selected to perform a task, without the need to toss a coin. Everyone simply puts their fingers on the screen and the app selects one at random. Depending on the phone model, it can support up to 10 fingers and is accompanied by great sound effects.

This can also be helpful for project managers who post assignments on freelancing sites such as freelance.com.

14. Clue

This free menstrual cycle tracking app tracks ovulation, cramps, disturbance in sleep patterns or complexion, PMS and everything to do with a woman’s cycle. It gives calendar reminders before each of these times in the cycle and is a great way to track symptoms such as mood swings, cervical discharge or pain. It is scientific, and gives medical and scientific references.

The more information you feed into it, the smarter it gets so use it to track everything that happens, even that pimple on your chin.

15. IFTTT (If This, Then That)

This app - that works with most online sites - gives your phone super powers and brings order into your life. It harmonizes all your online accounts. You can track everything with this app, and organize your life by backing files or galleries, post updates on social media, prepare for rain - or any other weather changes - or send messages.

16. Run Pee

Movie theatres don’t have pause buttons but this app has you and your bladder covered. It alerts you when you can go to the bathroom without missing anything worthwhile, and even gives you updates in case there is anything you missed. The app also gives movie reviews, and lets you know if there is anything to watch during and after the end credits.

17. Account Tracker

The personal finance app helps you to track your bank accounts and track spending. You can now easily search transactions by date and amount. This account has two versions; the classic version and the Pro version with added automatic backups, 3D touch and other features.

18. Delectable

This is the must have app for wine lovers. It is the one-stop-library of information about wine, from expert reviews of different brands, to allowing you to follow wine pros and wine makers. You get to learn from them, discover new wines and keep your personal wine journal about tastes and events associated with different wines. You can now purchase your favorite wine, and have it delivered to your doorstep. You can also tag friends who shared the events with you.

19. Genius Scanner

This intelligent app, used by millions, transforms your phone into a scanner. It integrates with Dropbox, Box and other cloud service apps installed on your phone, making it possible for you to export your scans as JPEG or PDF.

20. HiFutureSelf

Bring order into your life and avoid missing out on important information by sending messages to your future self. You do not have to scroll through countless messages to try and retrieve the one you need to retrieve. You can even share messages to yourself from different platforms, such as Twitter.

21. 1Password

This password manager and secure wallet allows you to store your passwords and credit cards in the same place. It is free for 30 days, then available through subscription.

Have you discovered any other great apps you would want others to know about? We would like to hear about them.

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