24 Writing GIFs All Content Marketers Will Understand

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As the witty and wise Dorothy Parker once said,“I hate writing; I love having written”. It is something every content marketer will relate to one way or the other. The feel of “having written” comes after a long slog of brainstorming and finding the right words, fitting everything together for the perfect content - the satisfaction at the end is indescribable!

But the process can be arduous - so here are GIFS to let you know you’re not alone as you struggle on.

1. That 'Blank Page Syndrome'

They say, ‘Half the battle is won when you start’. Writing effortlessly may be a rare thing, but the biggest hurdle is getting past the blank page syndrome. Write anything to fill some space, and let your thoughts flow.

2. When the caffeine hits you

Coffee may be a writer’s favourite prop. It’s the fuel for your creativity, wakes you up and pushes you to write with a fresh state of mind.

3. When you realize that the deadline is tomorrow.

Clearly a doomsday approaching. A tight deadline means low-quality content. You should monitor your tasks in advance, outlining the time you need ahead of the deadline.

4. When you think of the perfect title after you've already hit 'Submit'.

Writing content is easier than coming up with a title, as the words flow. The title should look a bit different and steer the content at the same time. Take your time, grab keywords, and find the essence of your writing.

5. That adrenalin rush when you realize you're writing something great.

Just start, and writing will come to you. Chandler depicts the exact excited feel a writer gets when they hit upon something that works.

6. When the stats don't support your 'facts'.

To prove your opinion, you need facts and factual data. Your content is craving for everything to add up, but the data may be already obsolete. In such a quick world, old statistics cannot validate what you write now. You need to own up to the date and credibility of that info.

7. When someone underestimates the power of reasearch.

There is a reason why it’s Research and Development (R&D). People don’t understand how important research is before actually writing it. It is always worth the wait to make sure your content is accurate.

8. When Microsoft Word freezes before you've selected 'Save'.

A minor heart attack is no big deal when you realize you didn’t save your work, and Word has stopped working. You try to be calm but its ‘not responding’. We all know how you feel. Try Google Docs or Dropbox Paper to remain alive and keep your work saved as you go. Don’t forget to sync it to your PC.

9. When you've spent all night finishing an essay only to end up having to tackle the footnotes.

Structuring footnotes can be troublesome later, if not considered earlier. It can get messy if you try to keep the order while writing. To keep everything organised, write the footnotes in the final draft or include hyperlinks while writing to quote later.

10. When you're in the zone, but social media starts calling. 

Sustaining focus all the time is a bigger challenge than writing continuously in today’s socially mediated world. Your phone shouldn’t ping when you’re trying to think. Be ‘offline’, and let your mind work freely in order to get your job done.

11. When you're in that never-ending hunt for stock images.

Just the text, with no picture defining it, does not serve a great purpose. Something that grabs attention and stands out from within your words may have a greater impact than words alone. Sad but true! So, hunt for resources. Pexels or StockSnap.io are regularly updated, and remember to check out other free image banks like Unsplash.

12. When you're in the zone and realiza that you've written 1,000 words in no time!

That realization is a perfect moment to look back on and cherish. Don’t scrutinize in the moment; just feel the motivation and keep on writing. You can polish the content later. You can set timers to challenge yourself, and improve.

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13. When you notice a spelling mistake after you've submitted your work.

Misspelled keywords become slang on social media these days, and get more popular than the correct version. However, different doesn’t mean right or acceptable. Try to keep your consistency in style. Follow the standards, not people.

14. When you receive your Editor's feedback.

Don’t worry, by bloodbath we mean the various colors and comments around your writing, killing it in the good way. Try running your drafts through Grammarly or Hemingway App to make sure your writing is clear, concise, and grammatically correct.

15. When your work goes viral.

Some posts get acclaim and become a reference for your future posts. They can also give you an idea where you have improved. Analyze the content, and note the points you can apply to your thoughts later.

16. When you find criticism about your work.

Accept that the one post you thought was your best may come out with least views, or the most criticized. You write for yourself, yes, but try working on a larger platform for more reviews to gain confidence. Losing it is not an option!

17. When your editor asks for another re-write.

You have the draft ready to publish, and your editor asks to rewrite it. Disheartening, yes, but take it positively as you get to write from scratch, incorporating all the best from your previous content to improve the final draft.

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18. When all the hard work pays off.

Even if your content does not reach the level you want it to, don’t give up.  Learn to pick yourself up and rise again. Make sure you ask for feedback, if not approval. You will get the sensation Harry gets flying to greater heights!

19. When your post becomes viral enough for someone big to notice.

These days, Twitter gives content a huge audience from all around the globe. As powerful as it sounds, good content needs a strong promotional strategy to accompany it in order to maximise its potential. If someone influential tweets your blog post, it may just go viral.

21. When those harsh critics really hurt your feelings.

It’s not wrong to get hurt and upset when you get hateful comments. Trolling is a favored pastime for some people these days, and it’s not worth wasting your worry on. Don’t let them bother you, and stick to what you believe in. They’re only doing it for cheap laughs at others’ expense.

22. When you wait for your work to be accepted by a guest blog.

It can be a long time until you get a response for your best work. Wait for it with a positive attitude, show your conviction by following up, and get your feedback. You are submitting content, not your self-worth.

23. When your parents are the only one who have shared your article.

Regardless of your skill with content writing, your family and friends are there for you. You need them! When things are rough, they will believe in you and help you get your creative spark back. Don’t let work erode your whole life. You can always get better at writing, but your people will be around you regardless.

24. When you find yourself blabbering your ideas out loud for everyone to hear.

Speak rubbish, talk to yourself. Don’t be shy, let it all out. Writing is expressing yourself from within, and the garbage must be allowed out to let the quality surface. Lose yourself in enjoying the process, and don’t worry about the feedback until later.

25. When you realize that at the end of the day, you're never going to give up and that you actually love your job.

In the end, it’s all about writing and getting that first sentence down. If you are unable to start, then be like Kermit - just write down anything, and your mind will get with the program eventually. You never know what might come out.

All we can say is - whatever hurdles you face, just get back on it! There’s always room for improvement, and everyone faces these challenges. The creative part of your brain just needs time to produce its best, and things will get easier again. Give it time, and do not worry!

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