3 Major Steps You Need to Earn Huge Profit From Freelance Writing

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Do you love writing and wish to make it your main source of income? Earning a huge amount of money from freelance writing is not just a dream. Follow these three simple yet effective steps and you shall be there in no time.

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1. Practice, practice, and more practice

They say practice makes perfect. Well, writing is no exception and just like other skills, writing requires constant improvement.

Anne Lammot, American novelist and fiction writer, once said, “Almost all good writing began with terrible first efforts. You need to start somewhere.” And that somewhere might be a blog, a product review, an opinion column in the Sunday paper, you name it. You need to start writing as much as you can and in several topics if possible. There is always something to write about.

2. Craft your pitch

Say, for example, you’re a creative writer. Creative writing requires a lot of imagination. As a creative writer, you have the ability to communicate a simple message in an imaginative way that appeals to your reader’s senses. Why not incorporate it into your proposal then?

Your pitch is your chance to lure your clients in. You need to show them exactly why you are the best writer for them. It is your time to shine. Work on your pitch, remember to personalize it for every potential client, and don’t stop until you get it right.

3. Work on your rates

In order to increase your profit, you need to know exactly how much your job is worth, and how to monetize it. How do you set your rates? Do you know exactly how much your work is worth? Overcharging your clients might be as harmful as undercharging them.

Know your market and your value. Do your research. By browsing similar projects on the Freelancer.com project section, you will be able to see how much people are willing to pay for writing jobs.

Growing your freelance writing business might seem like a difficult mountain to conquer. But if you put in the hard work, that huge profit you’re aiming for will be within your reach.

Remember these three steps when you bid on your next writing project.


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