A Sneak Peak into Mobile Application Development

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Imagine you've got an idea of an application which could scan anything in the world and tell you what it was about? Why do people use it? Where do they get it from? its market rate and almost everything about it, here you have a prominent idea but how do you implement it? How do you decide the Dos and Don’ts of App development?...Especially for someone who is a complete Nontechie and not accustomed to all these technologies and tools, How do we decide where, how and when is the flight is ready to take off?

Let’s try to shed some light on the crucial points of the app development.

  1. Why do we even need an app -You might have an exceptional idea for your app but before going forward and deciding on the technology or platform or any other aspect, be sure to have a clear picture of the end product. Do a little market research so that when your application is launched it doesn't fall flat. You might know that Orkut and Facebook, the two most prominent social networking sites were launched at the same time in the year 2004, however facebook outpaced Orkut not because it was meant to be but because Zuckerberg could gauge that people are always looking for something new and implemented that on Facebook in terms of its user functionality and interface, which means that a future scope is also a must for your app.

  1. Choosing the correct platform, technology, and strategy- Ok, so let's say post the market research you know your app can do wonders and can make you a millionaire overnight, but the real challenge here is to decide what are the key points that should be considered, to name a few they might be like

  • User interface and User experience: A captivating look and design with a smooth engaging user functionality possessing a clear understanding of the access patterns or user navigation.

  • Efficiency: The app should be crisp and simple yet optimized for its speed and inactivity of the network, should be data efficient as well.

  • Types of apps and their Platforms: The Platform remains the key factor as it's Operating system on which the app runs like Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry and as per the platform the apps are mainly categorized into 3 types namely Native(only android/only iOS app) , Hybrid/Cross-platform apps(these apps can be used on android/iOS/Windows/Blackberry) and Progressive web apps (which are deployed as Native but are accessible on multiple platforms) which is enhanced with features like working offline and on Low quality inactive network.

  • Technologies and Frameworks: Technologies and frameworks like Apache Cordova, Xcode, Xamarin, PhoneGap etc are available these days for both frontend and backend designing. Choosing the appropriate technology for the project will give it the correct Structure.

  1. Expertizing your app- Coming from a nontechnical background it might be difficult to build the app from scratch as you might have to learn all the technologies and the tools which can turn out to be a complicated process as you don't want your app to have incomplete structure and have a terrible user experience. 

  1. Customer’s buy for their reasons, not yours- As quoted by Orvel Ray Wilson, Users will not use the app because You think they need it but will “actually” use it when they find it productive for the fulfillment of their own purpose. Do you remember the last time you bought a dress just because the shopkeeper asked you to buy it? Not really? For many of us, it might not suffice, hence knowing and understanding your audience is important before you pitch your idea. A long boring speech may end up making your audience sleep through the entire presentation. However, an interactive session instead will generate their interest in the topic. The correct approach will turn out to be a quality lead which will generate high-end customers.

  1. Costing- An app is more than what the user can see on their mobile screen, what you see is just a smaller picture hence while estimating the budget of the app one should always keep in mind the parameters of the app development which include the platform it's deployed on, the technology being used for its designing and implementation, the number of layers of functionality that you will add to your app, however that doesn't mean you cut down the basic and necessary elements but try not to be subjective. You can always discuss these parameters beforehand with the development team so that the app is cost effective and also as the app submission process involves a list of criteria, so make sure they are checked as well.  

  1. Testing- It's time for the real test!!- Your app might look good but might get stuck on waiting for installation. Testing again is one of the crucial element as you don't want your app to be a total failure in terms of user experience, though you can seek expert help through outsourcing which can also turn out to be cost-effective while you can focus on the marketing strategies.

  1. Marketing- Marketing is not something you would only think of once the app is ready for release, with those “coming soon” taglines or promotional videos you can actually create a buzz about your product while you are working on it. A superlative marketing strategy actually helps you to monetize the time your users will devote to the app, whereas a bad one would lead to negative consequences.

Closure Note

According to the stats available today we have approximately 280,00,000 apps on google play store and 2,200,000 apps on iTunes (Apple’s Play store). So we should have an app for almost all our life problems, but do we actually have? Unfortunately, the answer to this question as of now is a big NO! You probably don’t want your app to stay there while people are scrolling the list not even noticing it once!


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