Becoming a Preferred Freelancer

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Being a professional freelancer myself, I found the Preferred Freelancer Program to be one of the best boosts I’ve had for my profile. It’s like icing on the cake for those looking to build a professional reputation and leverage their business. 

As soon as I became part of the PFP I started getting bidding invites from the highly skilled team of recruiters for projects that matched my skill set. This lowered my burden and enhanced my productivity greatly as I no longer had to invest my valuable time searching for projects that matched my skill set. They are very cooperative and friendly to talk with and always help connect a freelancer with the perfect project. 

Apart from the recruiter team, there is a support team that is always ready to help freelancers like me when we encounter an issue, whether it’s related to a project, our account, or anything else. They are very receptive, clear, and precise in explaining how things will be fixed or handled. 

They provide us with a bright orange badge on our profile that represents our position among the top freelancers on the platform. This designation produces more visibility for our profile, helping to attract potential clients. Having the badge on my profile has proven to make me stand out from the crowd whenever I bid on projects. It’s a definite plus point for me and conveys to the clients that I’m an expert in my field, I'm reliable, and I have a great profile filled with many successfully completed projects. 

I highly recommend that everyone looking to be a part of this program work on themselves, be persistent, and apply for the program when they are ready, as this can take your freelance business to new heights in no time!

Postat: 15 septembrie, 2021


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