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Miha Matlievski’s extensive life and business experiences make him the perfect advisor for other entrepreneurs. The 38-year-old from Ljubljana, Slovenia has been doing business for over 20 years, and had his fair of both astounding success and crippling failure.

Rather than hiding his challenging path from the public eye, business coach and serial entrepreneur Miha is passionate about revealing failure for what it really is: part of life. Having gone from hero to zero and back again, he has a positive message for the world to hear, and wants to help others succeed and avoid his past mistakes.

His website, ‘Fail Coach’, is his means of sharing his pearls of wisdom, offering both life and business advice that he has gleaned over the years.

Feeling that speaking, rather than writing, is his strength, Miha decided it was time to hire a professional helping hand. He wanted someone who could transform his spoken wisdom into captivating content that would allow him to reach a wider audience worldwide.

He searched online and found “To me it seemed the most professional solution out there,” he explained. Being able to post a project and browse multiple bids instantly appealed to him.

Miha was looking for a writer with specific knowledge and expertise. In particular, he wanted someone who understood recovery from failure, one of the key themes in Miha’s life and writing. He hired Mexican freelancer María José, and was extremely impressed with her professional attitude and high quality results.

“She understands my point of view and is very prompt with her work,” Miha explained, and it soon became clear that they made a great team. They began blogging on multiple platforms and in only three months, their posts hit 50,000 views on one website alone. “We are gathering nice momentum,” Miha said.

Before he teamed up with a copywriter, Miha was only reaching a few of Slovenian readers with his posts. “Now I have readers from all over the world on my blog,” he said, grateful that he has found a simple and effective way of expanding his readership and boosting his business through

In his spare time, Miha enjoys traveling, salsa dancing, and cooking. He is a keen supporter of numerous non-profit organizations and lives with his two dogs Happy and Bobika. He is optimistic about his future as a life coach. With his readership ever expanding, his dream is to turn his blog into a book. He wants to empower even more people to bounce back after failure and accomplish success in both life and business, just as he has done. By then, he will keep turning to for further support.

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