Eight Hot Freelance Trends

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The advancement in online technology has created a powerful impact on the global job market, as it opened up a new space for positions that don't require local workers or going to work. Furthermore, the cultural shift that occurred during the first decade of the 21st century hardwired the millennial generation to look for remote and freelance job opportunities rather than hoping for a desk job in a cubicle on the 33rd floor of a corporate building. In a nutshell, the world has changed long ago but the small changes and advancements happen all the time, which is why we created this article, to let you know of some of the hottest freelance trends in 2019.

Co-Working space

One of the most lucrative perks of being a freelancer is the freedom to perform your tasks from anywhere in the world/ Sure, depending on the type of job, you'd have to consider the access to power and internet connection but the main argument stays fixed on the freedom to work where you feel most comfortable.

However, loads of freelancers, especially those who work on collaborative projects prefer working together with their team members simply because it allows them to share their ideas, attend meetings, or just have someone to share a cup of coffee with them. Last year, the New York Times published an article about a restaurant that became a 9-5 Co-Working space and plans to expand its space due to a large interest.


Having a regular job means not being forced to worry about what happens if you get sick or otherwise unable to work. Up until recently, freelancers didn’t have much choice when it comes to making sure they are covered when they fall sick. Their only hope was that they’ve made enough cash to keep them going until they’re fit for work once again.

Last year, one insurance company came up with a solution for a freelance insurance policy which provides paid sick time for freelancers. Up until now, freelancers were not eligible for any insurance category that would provide them with a peace of mind when the flu season kicks in. However, now that the breakthrough is made, we can expect this trend to keep on rising.

Going corporate

It appears that no matter how much the world changes, technology drives the society forward, and new political systems take over, taxing never becomes obsolete. Freelancers that hit the six-figure yearly income figure nowadays decide to register as C Corp simply for taxation purposes. The key for this trend lies in the fact that freelancers fall under 20 percent qualified business deduction, but only if their yearly income is below 160k. Furthermore, becoming an entrepreneur or CEO of a small business company allows you more legislative benefits like access to healthcare, legal protection, ability to hire additional help, and many other corporate benefits.

Freelance writing

According to research, freelance writing is one of the most developing aspects of the industry, which actually doesn't come as a surprise considering the influence of content marketing in the digital era. One of the major benefits of freelance writing is that it provides a wide array of engagement. One can become a writer and create excellent academized reviews, promotional content or health blog posts. At the same time, the same person can also turn its literal potential into profit by writing essays for online writing services like Essay Mama, Paper Writing Pro Service, essayshark, or any other service that shows the need for additional help.

According to EssaysOnTime outsourcing manager: "freelance writers are the tip of the spear when workload hits a critical level."

Maneuvering through AI

The first time the people felt fear of AI was when Skynet decided to launch nuclear rockets and the future of the world was depending on a teenage delinquent John Connor. We didn't have to wait too long for this fictional technology to become a part of our lives, and now humans are facing a new kind of threat caused by the development of Artificial Intelligence. As IBM research states, in the near future, AI could drive somewhere around 90 percent of technology. This could put a lot of human professionals out of their jobs, but it also opens up a door to the world of freelancing, as these professionals will now have the chance to work as guns for hire.

Hiring help

In order to progress and scale up their freelance career as well as their revenue, freelancers need to find a way to tackle larger projects, perform the same amount of work in less time, and open up to a broader pool of clients. Scaling on your won is plausible but very difficult to achieve, therefore, a growing number of freelancers hires other freelancers as subcontractors for the work they can’t handle due to more pressing tasks that require attention.

The benefits of hiring subcontractors also include a more linear path to a larger profit. Per instance, if you make a deal for $200 to finish the job in time for your client, you can find an aspiring talent that is looking to build up a respectable portfolio to do the job for you in half the price or two-thirds of the original sum. The difference goes directly into your pocket and all you had to do is find a person of trust to whom you can send future tasks and have more time for yourself to find higher-paying clients for yourself.


The end of 2017 was all about the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, all because of the insane rise of Bitcoin value at the time. Since then, we’ve seen the expansion of blockchain and crypto, with more and more companies accepting cryptocurrencies, using blockchain for business, and investing in their own coins.

It appears that there is a gap between the demand for blockchain developers and the number of qualified professional on the other side. To support this claim we can simply say that IBM started a blockchain foundation for developers to help software creators who are new to this tech to learn more about developing blockchain and fill in the market gap.

Software solutions

Every trait has its own set of tools that help the masters of their craft to increase the level of their performance or quality. There are various types of software tools which freelancers use in order to keep track of their work, deadlines, save time, improve quality, or store work-related data. Freelance writers use apps like Grammarly and HemingwayApp all the time to proofread their content and check for plagiarism. Voiceover artists that create audiobooks, narrate videos, or do other kinds of voice-oriented work, use Filmora or Audacity. The choice is versatile and depends on personal preference and job requirements.


Freelancing is a lifestyle that crawls under your skin and captivates you entirely. However, like any other lifestyle it has its drawbacks like being your own market manager, project manager, team leader, and personal assistant. However, once you get the hang of it, and learn how to stay in touch with the industry trends, it's nothing but sunshine and happy days.


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