Employer's Guide to Choosing the Best Bids

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On Freelancer.com, posting a project is a cinch. You just need to put in what kind of work you require, the skills related to the project, and any relevant details and files. Then, you specify whether it's an online job or a local one, select a budget, choose any paid upgrades you might want, and that's it. It only takes minutes, and posting a basic project is free.

The part that would require a bit of time and effort is when bids from freelancers start to come in. You can get tons of bids as soon as you post your project, and though it's definitely a good thing to get a lot of bids, it can also be quite daunting. Don't fret – these tips can help keep you from getting too overwhelmed.


Take it one at a time. Try not to frantically scan the bids list for the ones that seem attractive to you. Doing that can confuse you in the long run if you have a lot to go through. Be systematic and go down the list of bids one at a time. That way, you'll be able to see and consider each and every bid, and you can avoid accidentally skipping over any.

Read the bid proposal thoroughly. One of the best ways to gauge a freelancer's talent and communication skills is by checking their submitted bid proposal. Read the bids carefully, and check their proposed milestones (if they have any) as well. Is the proposal well-written? Can you understand what is being communicated? Do you agree with the proposed milestones? By considering these things, you'll be able to get a better idea of what you're really looking for.

Consider the bid amount. For a lot of employers, the rate is the most important part of a bid. Will the freelancer's rate work for your project? Are you willing to pay more if you think the freelancer is worth it? Do you need to go for the lowest-priced bids to save money? These are the questions you should ask yourself with regards to the bid amounts.

Check each freelancer's portfolio and profile page. It's easy to get caught up in how attractive a bid proposal is, but you should also consider the freelancer's experience and collected body of work. The proposal might be promising, but if the profile's empty or not to your liking, then you could encounter problems in the long run.

Look into the freelancer's reputation. Your last stop should be the reviews section on the freelancer's profile page. It will provide you with a lot of insight with regards to the freelancer's work ethic and skill. If there isn't any because the bid was from a new freelancer, then you should think about whether you'd be willing to just go by the bid proposal plus the resume and portfolio. If not, you should look for those with more project experience.


These five points will all factor into your decision. Remember – the best bid will come from the best freelancer for the job. All it takes is a bit of patience, and you'll be able to choose the best one.

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