Ex-US Army Starts Clothing Line to Promote Marine Life Protection

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Theresa, a Gulf Coast, USA local, has always loved the ocean and particularly marine mammals. After serving her country as a member of the Texas ARMY National Guard, Theresa thought it was time to go on another mission – saving marine life.

She thoroughly searched for an organization that shares the same sentiments toward marine life, and that’s how she found The Marine Mammal Center in California. Wanting to make a difference, she thought of donating to support the advocacy.

The idea of donating to a charity began when Theresa helped her friend in raising money for medical reasons. They sold tie-dye shirts for the benefit of her friend’s son. It was an unforgettable experience because Theresa had so much fun.

Once Upon A Time: Benefaction Satisfaction

Theresa put up an organization called Benefaction Satisfaction or BSWear.org. The company produces shirts printed with messages that aim to educate people on the importance of marine life. A lot of designs have been made for the clothing line -- hilarious ones and some serious ones . They even have retro logos!

Theresa had a vision of what she wanted but she also hoped to get other people’s ideas. Since she prefers doing things online, she did some research on several online contest platforms. After reading a lot of good reviews for Freelancer.com, she decided to try it out. “I was right in choosing Freelancer!” mentioned Theresa.

Theresa posted a contest on Freelancer.com. She was very satisfied with the designs she received, however, only one freelancer really caught her eye - Cayfree. “I was able to incorporate my ideas. I really wanted to have the mammals "swimming" around the globe. This worked perfectly with Cayfree's ideas and drawings,” explained Theresa. Cayfree ended up submitting four hand drawn designs that Theresa loved.

If Theresa had the project done locally, it would have cost more compared to what she spent on Freelancer. She spent $90 on the contest but got a lot more value than what she was expecting.

Theresa on Her Freelancer.com Experience

For Theresa, her experience was phenomenal. “I feel so fortunate to have found a designer that shares my vision and passion for this project. I am a sole proprietor with a soft spot for marine mammals, trying to build a brand that I can be proud of, and give back at the same time. Cayfree has been a lifesaver for BSWear.org.  She has taken so much of the pressure off of me, so I can focus on other aspects of building a brand,” said Theresa.

When choosing a freelancer, Theresa has a single piece of advice: Have a vision of what you want, then look for a freelancer with a similar one. Together, you will augment the vision and bring it to the next level!

Of all the features of Freelancer.com, Theresa loved the mobile app the most. Since Cayfree was paid by the hour, Theresa needed to be aware of the time and the progress. She loved being notified through her phone whenever a new message would arrive.

The notification feature of the Freelancer app is so helpful that it allows her to move freely. She has time for other activities she loves doing like sketching, reading, and playing with her dogs without worrying about her business. 

“I am a sole proprietor with a soft spot for marine mammals, trying to build a brand that I can be proud of and give back at the same time,” said Theresa.  Freelancer.com allows her to do so without needing to sacrifice too much of her time.

Try posting a design project or contest today!

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