First Time User Shares Successful Recruiter Experience

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Wide Mouth Media is the only full-featured production firm in South West Saskatchewan, Canada, so the expectations were big when they were granted a large Web development project by the Heartland Health Region. Matthew Rousseaux headed the project and everything was going according to plan until his lead developer left halfway through.

"The deadline was set; we had about 45 days left to begin anew," he said. Hiring locally was already out of the picture because of the deadline and the budget. "Half the budget had already gone to the old developer. I needed a fast and cheaper solution."

The project scope involved hundreds of pages and the flexibility for the health region to add more if desired. A health region is a government subsidiary that resides over a region. Since Canada's healthcare system is operated through the government, every hospital, clinic, and office is organized into geographical regions. The website will make it easier for residents to have access to information quickly and efficiently.

Matthew thought of ways to find a replacement fast. He remembered his account kept as backup. He never had to use the site until now, and was worried if he would be successful. Not having the luxury of time to immediately learn the ropes, he availed of the platform's Recruiter upgrade.

"The recruiter, Vanessa, really helped me get acquainted with everything. I felt like I had my own personal assistant on the site. I was very stressed when I turned to Freelancer so having someone there to assist calmed my nerves."

He recalled being in a state of panic to feeling relaxed in a span of just half an hour -- the time Vanessa took to find the best freelancer for Matthew. "The Recruiter feature was a godsend. I honestly couldn't have done the project without it. Combined with the "Featured" option, we found a freelancer in half an hour. I went from pulling my hair in frustration to jumping in joy."

The freelancer they found was Ngoc Le Anh (ngocleanh) from Vietnam.  He was very knowledgeable according to Matthew. "We required a lot of custom coded plugins for WordPress and he delivered all of them. He was an expert in CSS, HTML, PHP, Javascript, and MySQL. He had all the skills I wanted in a developer," he said.

It took 30 days for the freelancer to finish the project. This was surprising for Matt, who had waited for four months for his former developer to finish half of the work. In terms of costs, he paid the freelancer US$2,500 versus the US$4,000 the developer charged for what he finished.

"I'm very happy with the results. Thanks to and their Recruiter service for connecting me to a talented developer. I'm looking forward to using the site more and availing of Recruiter every time. I don't think I'll use the site without it; the experience was just great. Even after fulfilling her recruiter duties of finding a freelancer, Vanessa was still available to assist."

Postat: 28 august, 2015

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