Five Key Features of a Portfolio Website

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A freelancer without a portfolio is like a lawyer without the constitution or a driver without a license. Irrespective of the line of specialization, it is good practice to have an online portfolio to showcase your expertise to prospects. This is a great lead-generation tool that you cannot afford to ignore, so it has to stand out. Here are some important features of a good portfolio website that you should consider:

1. Crystal-Clear Communication

The way you frame your message in your portfolio is very important. Ensure that you communicate your services clearly and concisely without trying to appear boastful. Note that there are many website designs that you can choose from, but that alone may not drive the message home. Talk to your designer to come up with a simple but neat design for specializations like copywriting, where your best asset is not really represented by the way it looks but by the quality of the content. For a freelance website or graphic designer, you will want to showcase your creativity and your knowledge of various applications – just do it sparingly lest you distort the message and distract users in the long run.

2. Bring Out Your Personality

Apart from the fact that you have to show how good you are at what you do, most clients prefer working with people they like. How likeable does the website design and content present you? Other than providing the service at hand, can you show that you can guarantee the client quality output and a smooth working experience? Prove that you are a person who is easy to work with. If a client does not like you, even if you end up doing a good job, you might miss out on future assignments. Show some personality through the portfolio website to personally connect with prospective clients and to make them want to do business with you. You will be surprised how a simple greeting can put a smile on someone’s face and change their minds.

3. Be Creative

Creativity in design means ensuring that the portfolio website truly represents your work or skill sets. If you are a wordsmith, craft unique content that stays true to your unique writing style and tone. How original is your work? A web designer using a WordPress template, for example, as a portfolio website, might not be worthy of a second look, especially for those looking for designers who can think outside the box.

4. Persuasive Content and Samples

As you try to ensure that the communication is clear and concise, do not forget that the purpose of the portfolio website is to promote your services. Therefore, use it to persuade (without sounding desperate) potential clients to hire you. Persuasion starts with the quality of content but will ultimately end with your past work examples. Be persuasive, but also work towards improving the quality of the work that you render to clients. Do not show your best if it is someone else’s worst.

5. Contact Details

Having done an amazing job of convincing a client that you are the best thing to ever happen in the freelancing world, you definitely want to be contacted. Clearly show how you can be reached by sharing your email address, phone number, and social media profiles. You can also specify the hours and days when you can be reached.

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