Painting the Perfect Picture: A Dream

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Pencils, markers, paint, and brushes.

These are the tools chosen by Emiliano Villani.

At a young age, he was passionate about the arts. “As a kid, I used to read all kinds of visual pop art. From the 90’s and 80’s, you name it. I spent countless hours in front of the TV, and comic book heroes stared back at me all the time,” he mentioned.

From that moment on, Emiliano wanted to be an artist.

When Emiliano turned eight, he started honing his gift by attending a small art school near his home. Every single day, he would walk going to the art school after his class dismissal from his regular school. “I learned basic drawing skills and also some skills in comic making,” Emilio shared. Through intensive practice, thousands of hand strokes, and hundreds of sharpened pencils, his drawing skills flourished. His lines were straighter, his technique was better and his portraits were more realistic.

His dream of learning to draw has evolved into a much broader horizon. He wanted his works posted and printed in magazines and books. He was inspired to go the distance and learn more about his craft.

At 14, he set his sights on painting. It involved sketches, a combination of colors, and precision of strokes. It was a whole new ball game. There was no such thing as erasures. A single mistake could require a lot of effort to fix. To acquire such a skill, Emiliano needed to dedicate a lot of his time and had to be patient. Despite the challenge, Emiliano remained unfazed.

“The great painter Juan Carlos Eberhardt, from Argentina, taught me all I know about painting -- the colors and creative techniques. I still use what I learned from him in all my compositions/illustrations, whether it be a complex design or a simple logo,” said Emiliano.

After developing his skills in drawing and in painting, he moved on to digital formats.  Through self-practice, he was able to learn Adobe Photoshop and other graphic design applications. He then used as a vehicle to reach his dream.

All in One

His art is not just a hobby, but also a source of income.

Emiliano works as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. In the six years of working as an online freelancer, he has worked with a lot of people. The experience has given him the chance to learn so much more. “I've learned from so many employers around the world. I’ve completed projects for a lot of different cultures. Since then, I have learned a lot,” Emiliano shared.

Working as an artist is very rewarding. More so, when you get the opportunity to design children’s books. You are able to bring joy to kids and inspire the next batch of artists. This was Emiliano’s favorite part of freelancing. He enjoys accepting and bidding for this kind of projects. “I've designed so many illustrations for children's books and also book covers. I love working on cartoons, caricatures, comics, children’s book, etc.,” he said.

Emiliano feels very accomplished because he’s now able to fulfill his dream of publishing his work on a global scale. He has had employers from the U.S.A, U.K., France, India, Pakistan, U.A.E, Austria and a lot more.  Working as a freelancer has allowed him to share his best works worldwide.  

Art, Art, Art

The work Emiliano puts into every project he’s winning is tremendous. There is no such thing as a small or easy project because he puts in so much effort in all of them. “Every little project I was awarded here is a big challenge for me; that's why I always do my best when an employer hires me for a project,” he shared.

All the success he’s been achieving is dedicated to the upliftment of art. “We're living in a ‘visual century’, where every day we deal with images, designs, and visual arts in the streets, in computers, televisions, and social media. I'm just trying to do my job the best way I can and enjoy. That's key for me,” Emiliano concluded.

Find the best logo or design for your project, hire Emiliano to get the job done.

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