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If you’re looking for someone local when you’re posting a job, then you need to consider exactly what you need and how to get someone who can help you. Local Jobs allows you to hire freelancers that can do a range of location-specific skills, like assembling furniture, apartment design, or rewiring your electricity, but you’ll probably want to be careful about who you hire.

Attracting the People You Need

To make sure you find the best possible freelancer for what you need, you should start by writing a very clear description of the job. Include details such as any limitations on your availability, a good idea of the location you want to meet the freelancer at – for example by giving the name of the nearest train station – and the specifics of what you need to be done. It may be appropriate to include photographs of what needs doing, or links to instruction manuals, so that even if you don’t know exactly what skills are required, the freelancer can judge this for themselves.

Before you actually list your job, try to find out what other people are paying or offering in your area. If you are in a hurry, paying a higher rate might attract someone who can help you sooner! If you can, though, don’t post a job as an emergency, because that puts pressure on you and will lead bidders to drive a harder bargain for their services.


Make Sure It’s the Right Fit

Once you have some bids from freelancers looking to complete your job for you, it is important to check into their profiles. It’s worth checking if they have any relevant qualifications listed, for example, and whether they have good feedback from previous employers. Even if the feedback isn’t for the same skill, it can be useful to see how reliable other people have found them.

If you’re on a budget, you may want to employ a freelancer who hasn’t done much previous work before, and who would be willing to negotiate in exchange for good feedback that will help them build their business. Either way, don’t just accept the first bid, but check into the bidders first and make sure that they are reliable.

A good sign that the freelancer is legitimate, other than prior experience and feedback, is a well-completed profile. If they have a profile picture, contact information, and other important details filled out, you can be pretty confident that they take this seriously.

During the Job

Be friendly and polite! Offer a tea or coffee to the freelancer, introduce yourself, and make sure they’re comfortable with what they need to do. Give them a chance to ask questions and let you know if there are any problems: this will save everyone time in the long run.

After the Job

Make sure that you give appropriate feedback and payment promptly, especially if you’re looking to hire other people in the same local area again. Keep in contact with freelancers who do a good job, as this creates good will for the future and improves your chances of getting lower rates.

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