Holiday Marketing Tips from Twitter’s Head of Content Planning

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Holiday seasons are a good time for you to make a handful of quality sales. During the holidays your customers are taking a break, and shopping for the season. If you know what you are doing, you can utilize the power of Twitter to market your products effectively.

If you’re not aware of how to use Twitter for your business, these tips from Stay Minero, Twitter’s Head of Content Planning, may be helpful.


Use your Content as a Service  

You should strive to show your audience just how versatile your product can be. Demonstrate how your products can be used in other ways - even better if the end product is something that relates to the holiday in question. For instance, after Halloween @SNICKERS showed their fans the way to use leftover candy for other edibles like cakes and other baked goods. @Lowes taught their followers how to decorate their homes during the holidays, especially using their product.


Know your audience

You should know what your audience plans to do. This allows you to create content that is specifically tailored to your audience demographic. You can keep abreast of this by knowing what they tweet about - according to Minero, tweets serve as a signal of intent.

You may also create content that revolves around cultural moments like Black Friday,  Friendsgiving, or Cyber Monday.


Embrace Live Technology  

Everyone knows it’s better to watch a live football match than a replay. Using the same logic, your fans would love to watch your event live, rather than read a report or watch a recording. You can bring your event to them live through Twitter’s live video features.

Showing your fans a live, behind-the-scenes look at your company is sure to grab their attention and encourage their commitment to your brand.


Make use of Digital Creators

Do not ignore the power of social media influencers. Make sure you utilize them to promote your product. They can have a huge effect on the success of your marketing during the holiday season.

You should also use digital content creators to make stop-motion videos and GIFs. With their experience, they would know just the right GIF to create for your brand, and it becomes a win for you.

If you are not sure where to find the right creator for your brand, you can check Twitter’s Niche. It is a collection of top influencers and creators that your brand can utilize.


Don’t Forget to Optimize

You should make sure you tailor your marketing towards trends, backed up by robust analytics. Analyze your Twitter dashboard and social analytics often to stay on top of things - with this, you’ll be able to get a handle on what works and what doesn’t.

For instance, this past year, Twitter found that about 48% of Twitter users did their shopping in the three weeks before Christmas. @Pandora_NA utilized this information to switch from planning to last minute gifts.


Doing over Viewing

You should look for ways you can incorporate action into your brand ideas. Whenever you get customers involved in taking action for your brand, you create a buzz - and word of mouth promotion is invaluable through the holiday season. When someone asks a fan of your brand what they’re doing, and how they’re involved, they’ll receive customer-to-customer marketing as the action is explained.

@REI used this to promote its #OptOutside campaign. It used Twitter tools like conversational video cards to get customers to take action.


Show Some Love

Make sure you use the holiday season to show your fans how much you are contributing to making the world a better place. It is obvious that your brand contributes to making the world better through its product. You should take it a notch further by sponsoring a charity. When you do, ensure that you tell your fans about it.

When choosing the charity to sponsor, it should be something that is related to your brand. If your brand is a local business, sponsor a local charity. If it is a global brand, look into furthering a global cause.


Everyone Loves a Discount

During the holiday season, you could show your fans some love by having a discount on your products. There are two ways you can go about this. You can decide to have the coupon directly on your site; then you would redirect your fans to your site via Twitter. You can also choose to create the coupons directly on Twitter.

Creating coupons and discounts is quite straightforward. It is something you can do in five minutes and make your fans happy about shopping with you.


Images Speak a Thousand Words

When you consider that Twitter has a character limit, you can fully understand how much more you can say with a picture. Make sure you use the power of images to promote your product. Images serve as a way for you to show your fans your brand story, instead of trying to tell it through 220 characters.

Twitter has implemented changes that make tweets more image rich. It has also made it easier for you to incorporate photos and Vine videos on your timeline. Coupled with the fact that Twitter has made all this more interactive on mobile, you can see how much pictures could influence the success of your holiday marketing campaign.


Go with the seasonal flow

There are always hashtags that become popular during the holiday season. To make sure that your brand is visible during the season, make sure you use popular holiday hashtags. Some examples are:

  • #giftideas

  • #holidayjoy

  • #lastminutedeals

  • #stockingstuffers

You should also find out the hashtags your target audience uses. By tweeting these kinds of hashtags, like-minded people will be able to locate your brand.

The power of hashtags goes beyond Twitter. Google now allows people to search for hashtags on its platform, making them all the more important.


Go Personal

Make sure you show your followers the human side of your brand. Do this by using personal pronouns like “you,” “us,” and “me.” You can also occasionally show the smiley and introducing people who work for your brand. This would make people relate easier with your brand than having to relate with just your logo.

You could do this by showing pictures of your staff preparing for the holiday season. Utilize the power of personality to make your brand lovable during the holiday season.


Food is always mighty

This is holiday, a time when everyone is ready to eat something delicious. You can tap into this by sharing food recipes. If your brand is related to the food industry, you can link to posts on your blog about the recipe. If your brand is not related to food, you can still share links to other blogs that have recipes. This shows you as someone who cares about your customers, whether or not it directly benefits you.

When sharing recipes or food, always ensure that you put the pictures of the food when you share the recipe.

The holiday season is definitely the one for you to increase your sales by utilizing the power of social media. If you follow these tips, you are well on your way to a successful holiday marketing campaign.

Got some exciting plans for the next holiday season with your company? Why not share with your fellow freelancers by letting us know through the comments section below!


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