How Small Business Owners Can Grow Their Business Using Video Marketing

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Let’s face it. You run a small enterprise and you ultimately want to make it big like the giants out there. Now you might be competing against big brands in an established field, or, you might be an entrant in a totally new field. Either way, you want to grow your business and tattoo your brand but you can’t afford the budget, manpower or time like the big businesses do.

So, how do you still win clients with what you have? You optimize your resources and use it smartly.

Did you know that YouTube’s VP recently quoted that video would soon drive 90% of all internet traffic?

Did you know that 63% of businesses are already using video as a marketing tool?

Did you know that 82% amongst those feel video plays a prominent role in their marketing strategy and plan to spend more in the upcoming year?

Did you know that 83% of businesses gave a thumbs up to video marketing, in the case of that one word you worry about a lot – ROI?

Now, why are we throwing out all these numbers on you? To show that you can be smart by using 1 strategy in the place of 10.

How do you do that with video marketing? Here’s how..,

1.  Use video to make sure you pop up on Google.

What do you do, when you want to find out the best restaurant nearby, double check a spelling or when you are drained out of ideas in your business? You Google! Well, so does your client. Recent statistics state that you are 53% more likely to pop up on Google if you have a video on your site. With video marketing, you can increase your online presence and improve search engine ranking. Through video, you can be the solution, the next time your client goggles a problem.

2.  Visuals speak louder than words!

Which do you prefer? Reading a 100-page movie script or watching it in theatre? With the audio, visuals, and animations in a video, you set a mood and connect with the viewer emotionally which cannot be attained with traditional marketing. Statistics show that 80% of people were able to recall the video ads they saw online. With video, you create something people will remember. With video, your brand conveys information more efficiently. As a small business owner, this means that with video you get to have a lot of benefits with a lot less effort.

3.  Increase your chance of email campaigns with video

Forget about a positive one, but how many times have you even got a reply to your promotional email? Email is a good tool to reach clients. But with video, you make it a powerful tool. Reports show that by using the word “video” in an email subject line you can increase the opening rates by 19%. Others show that when you send an introductory email that includes a video, its click-through rate increases by 96%.

4.  Make people stay on your site longer with video

Say, you get people to visit your site. But how do you make them stay longer and create a trust, worthy enough to reach out to you? Bounce rates have always been a nightmare. Landing page conversions are like walking on water. With video, you can increase those chances drastically. Visitors usually spend 2 minutes longer in browsing websites that have a video. Studies show that by having a video on your landing page, you can increase conversions by 80%. Video also helps in creating a level of trust in your brand which is difficult otherwise.

5.  Be it an uptight customer or a complicated product, a video will do it!

It’s a busy world out there. No one has the time or patience to read pages of a product description. A video helps in explaining what your product does & show it in action within a couple of minutes. Whether it is Astrophysics or a Java program, an animated video explains it in an entertaining way. No confusion! No complications!

And you have those uptight, uninterested, boring, customers who just won’t buy it. You can always capture their attention with a good video in seconds. Research shows that 68% of consumers prefer to watch an explainer video when it comes to solving product related problems.

6.  Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat. Your video their platform!

A recent social media marketing report states that the usage of video content has increased from 60% to 73% over the year and continues to be on the rise. Whether it’s getting your client’s attention or going viral anything is possible here. However, you have to remember that in social media people share emotions more than facts. Lucky for you a video is capable of showing facts with emotions. 76% of users say they would share a branded video with their friends if it was entertaining.

7.   Put your mobile platform to better use with the help of video

Over half of internet users view a content in mobile. Now, why do you need to know this? Because this shows that the traditional way of marketing is slowly dying. Over 90% of customers watch a video in mobile. With mobile video growth rate increasing at a whopping 233% over past years, YouTube predicts this growth will continue at a minimum 100% rate in the coming years.

Also, a video is generally viewed full screen in mobile. This way you get the undivided attention of the user increasing a sense of personal connection towards the brand.

8.   With videos, you can tempt people to buy from you

The Internet may help you with a larger client base but how do you turn them into ‘your’ client? How do you get their attention and lure them into it? Data shows that 50% of people went ahead with a purchase after viewing their video online. A survey conducted by a retail shop shows that over 90% of shoppers found the video useful in making purchase decisions. There isn’t a better way to entice your customer to purchase from you.

9.   Make your brand stand out from the noise, with video

It’s difficult to get noticed in the crowd unless you are a disrupter in your market. Brands invest in clever marketing strategies every day. With video, you can not only do it with ease, but you can also go to the extent of building a relationship, rather than just selling. The possibility of establishing your brand is increased. People relate to a personality. With a video, it’s easier to connect to the personality of your brand and company.

 10.  Save money and put it to better use

Video marketing may not be the cheapest way of marketing, but it surely is the best in terms of Return on Investment. You don’t have to burn your pockets like earlier days to create a decent video. Plus, creating a good video will more than just compensate your various traditional marketing attempts, and actually, save you money. As per research, 83% of businesses say that video provides a good ROI.




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