How to Increase Your Earnings with the Freelancer Desktop App

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Freelancers who get paid by the hour are very keen in tracking every minute they spend working on a project. When you have a useful tool to help you track your time, you can focus more on your tasks. Work becomes much easier and you don’t have to worry about having unpaid hours. That’s what the Freelancer Desktop App does for many of our users, like Aslihan Sapas Asci, Ph.D.

Aslihan is a geophysical engineer who has been a Freelancer user for five years now. She’s a former research and teaching assistant in a reputable university in Turkey before she became a freelancer. We had the chance to talk to Aslihan to find out how beneficial the Desktop App is for her.

Freelancer Team: How often do you use the Freelancer Desktop App?

Aslihan: I use Freelancer Desktop App every day for my ongoing project and for any projects possible.

FLT: How does the Freelancer Desktop App help you in your projects, earnings, etc.?

A: Using Freelancer Desktop App, I can control the time I spend on a project more efficiently. When I use the app, I know that each second counts and I get paid for each worked minute. This provides peace of mind and allows me to concentrate more on my work because I know I do not have to calculate the hours and minutes as my employer can also check how the project is going.

I can say that the Freelancer Desktop App helps increase my earnings as I invoice all the hours I worked. I have observed this by comparing the projects I have now with the ones I completed before the app was launched.

FLT: What do you like most about the Freelancer Desktop App?

A: The Freelancer Desktop App promotes transparency and makes all the steps for tracking the hours and creating invoices easier. Being able to check the duration I have been working is the thing I like most about the application. It helps a lot because sometimes the estimated project duration and corresponding rates you indicate upon bidding is not quite accurate. But with the Freelancer Desktop App, everything is accurate and fair for both the freelancer and the employer as the latter will only pay for the time tracked by the former.

FLT: What features would you like the Freelancer Desktop App to have?

A: “Remember me” feature when I log in, and a kind of reminder when each hour is completed. Also, something that allows you to know the minutes after 24 hours is completed in a project (on the tracked hours page of the project) would be nice.

FLT: Cite or share other personal experiences on how the app assisted you during a project. This will inspire freelancers like you to benefit from the Freelancer Desktop App, too.

A: I used to not count some part of the time I spend on the projects, for example the research part. However, the Freelancer Desktop App made me realize that the time spent on every task done, which reflects a corresponding price, is a significant percentage of the project completion. Therefore, the research part should also be included in the total project time.

In my personal experience, it is always an advantage for a freelancer to use the Freelancer Desktop App for increasing concentration, efficiency, and earnings.


Would you like to reap the same benefits that Aslihan is enjoying? Track your working hours and make the billing process worry-free. Most recent updates include automatic invoicing and offline tracking.

Download the Freelancer Desktop App now. It’s free and easy to install. Available in Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Do you want to share your own experience with the Desktop App? Email us at and get a chance to be featured in our next blog post!

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