How to Maintain Your Wireless Home Network

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Fast and reliable Internet connectivity is an essential tool for a successful freelance career. You really don’t want to miss out on projects simply because your data allocation is used up or your home wireless network crashed. While some networks don’t require a lot of frequent maintenance, it is advisable to regularly check your usage, install new devices, and understand neighboring networks as well various security issues.

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Review Network Usage

Do you share your network with anyone? If you started out as the only user but now have other devices connected to the network, expect reduced speed; the more users, the lower the speed. It is also possible that someone else might have hacked into your network, leading to instability and possible complete network failure when you need it most. Only allow authorized users monitor usage to avoid interruptions when working on an important project.

Replace Older Wireless Devices

Technology is dynamic. The devices you installed five years ago may not be as effective as newer ones with the latest technology. In as much as modern-day wireless gear can still support older standards, you still risk slower performance with older devices. Newer network components aren't that costly; shop around and see if you can find good deals that you can afford.

Watch Out for Interference

Wi-Fi frequency bands are comparatively small and are also utilized in other radio communications, making them vulnerable to interference which can be sporadic or constant. Try to detect network interference or set up alerts provided by the wireless access points. Periodical surveys are highly recommended.

Check Channel Usage

Ensure that you enable the best channel all the time. If your device allows automatic channel detection, there is a risk of having overlapping and interfering channels, double-check every so often.

Deactivate Rogue Access Points and Security Issues

Your neighbor, hoping to save on Internet charges, might be tempted to tap into yours by installing a router from their home and connecting it to your network. This is a serious security risk to the whole network that you need to thwart. Try to discover rogue access points fast because the performance will also be affected. Frequently re-examine the Wi-Fi security, starting with the basics such as securing all access points with not less than WPA2 security with encryption. Your password is also very important, so change it regularly. Someone who can hack your wireless can even hack into your other online accounts. You don’t want to take that risk.

Home wireless security issues

Adjust Advanced Settings

There are quite a number of advanced wireless settings that you need to tweak, especially during peak hours to boost performance. Find out what is specific for your device and make necessary adjustments.

Finally, periodic surveys are highly recommended. It is during these surveys that you can identify and investigate most performance-related issues in your network. You can use any of the many available tools to measure signal strength and identify noise levels, interferences and neighboring networks. You can also identify security issues and rogue access points and block them.


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