How to Shift From Being a Freelancer to an Entrepreneur

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You work hard to get paid. Entrepreneurs make money even after they fall asleep. Are there shortcuts that make the jump from freelancing to entrepreneurship easy?

Sadly, there are no shortcuts. Starting a business is the most crucial part, and it requires the same amount of hard work and perseverance as what you’ve been giving out in freelancing.

shift from freelancer to entrepreneur

Now if you think it’s the best time to grow into a full-fledged entrepreneur, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Think bigger

Change your mindset and think like an entrepreneur. If you want to shift from being a freelancer into an entrepreneur, take this advice from TrepRep founder Michael Luchies. He realized that there’s life beyond getting paid by the hour so he turned his freelance services into products by offering them as monthly packages.

Create a solution to a problem

Mix your skillset and your idea that could solve a problem. Don’t worry if you have limited time and budget. Before launching your product, test the market by building your minimum viable product to discover its potential.

Be ready for new challenges

Freelancers and entrepreneurs who made it big are hard workers. But responsibilities as a business owner are tougher because you have to pull strings to keep your services or products extremely valuable for those who need them. Survive with a strategic battle plan and start having your own business systems.

Get other people’s help

As a freelancer, you do everything by yourself day in, day out. But as your goals become substantial, so do your obligations. To continuously deliver value to your customers, you will need help from people especially in days of backbreaking work.

Build your business even on a small budget

You’re starting a business and that’s a major milestone. But you don’t have to shell out a considerable amount of money for your startup. You can start on a limited budget or even with just $100 in your pocket.

To inspire you further, watch Cyan Ta’eed talk about their team’s journey from being freelancers to founders of Envato, which operates digital marketplaces that sell creative assets to millions of its community members.

Ready to take on your new role? Visit these links and get every help you need:


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