How to Start Your Business as a Creative Entrepreneur

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Starting a business is an adventure itself. You need to take on everything and handle every single responsibility involved in running a business.

You’re a creative freelancer who wanted to have your own business. You could either be a graphic designer or a photographer. And you think it’s time to do more and become bigger in the creative industry. Many of you might think of ways on how to launch your creative business.

We have asked Zack Usher from the jxsarwar team and The Designerz, two experienced freelancers and owners of creative agencies, for advice on how to start a business as a creative entrepreneur.

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AB: What’s your advice for starting a creative business?

Jxsarwar: I would suggest developing a strong brand identity. I would prefer an attractive logo which speaks for my business and an impressive website or landing page which tells what the business is all about.

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The Designerz: I would start with reasonable rates compared to the rest of market and I also wouldn't compromise quality and client satisfaction. Client satisfaction is what will bring your business to success. The happier your clients are, the more chances for you of getting rehired or earning referrals.

AB: What are your tips for finding clients for new agencies?

Jxsarwar: Getting yourself out there and being visible to potential clients are extremely important. If they don’t know you, you are not an option. So I think that starting a campaign on social media and implementing a good SEO strategy are great ways to get your business out there for clients to find.

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The Designerz: As stated above, go for reasonable rates and make your portfolio appealing enough that it attracts clients to check out your offers they could not resist! Also, don’t forget to be polite and respectful to your clients.

A few more things to keep in mind:

  • The secret is in the talent. You cannot do everything on your own. You need help, too. By hiring talented people, you will not only get an outstanding result, but you’ll also receive help to escalate your business.

  • Don't take on work you cannot handle. Don’t promise work you cannot deliver as it will only damage your reputation.

  • Focus on the client. Chances are, your first projects will come from referrals or rehires, so don't forget to give your client a rewarding experience in working with you.

  • Don't compromise on quality. Clients will remember your work by its quality, not by how much it costs. Remember to always deliver the best product possible.

Starting a new business can be tough especially in the creative industry. But if you follow the tips in this post, you will have an incredible adventure as a creative entrepreneur.


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