How to Stay Focused Wherever You Choose to Work

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Changing your workplace can sometimes be very helpful for your performance. It's completely normal to need a change of scene. However, this can also have a downside: not being able to focus.

There is nothing to be ashamed of. I bet many of you have had this exact same problem. I mean, how can you concentrate when working in an amazing island? For those of you who have trouble focusing when working from different spots, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

gain focus at work

List your goals

Right after making a strong and delicious cup of coffee, sit down and prepare a list of those things you need to get done that day. Once done writing down your goals, identify which ones you should prioritize.

Include both professional and personal goals on your list. For example, my goals for today were to write this blog post and hit the gym for an hour straight. These goals may or may not be accomplished (*cough* hit the gym *cough*), but they will help organize your day if you have a vision of the things you need/want to get done. The key here is to complete as many things as you can without going insane!

Block distractions

I think many of you will agree when I say that social media and cellphones are threats to having a completely efficient workday.  

If all you want to focus on is your work, this makes blocking the issue a lot more necessary. By using simple tools like Work Mode, or just by turning your smartphone off, you can make sure to stay away from distractions when you have to.

Give yourself a break

You only have 24 hours a day, so don't overwork yourself! Don’t feel guilty about taking a break. It will help you organize your day more effectively and make everything that you put your time into a little more worthwhile.

The whole point of changing your workplace is to clear your thoughts in order to help you work better and smarter. The next time you decide to work from a new and exciting place, follow these simple tips to gain focus and have a more productive day.

Wherever you are right now, if you’re reading this post, finding a job is only a few taps away. Check out some exciting projects to work on.


Postat: 16 iunie, 2017


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