How Will Big Data & IoT Tech Shape The Future Of Freelance Marketing?

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The Future Of Marketing For Freelancers

As a freelancer, you know the excitement of running your own business. Not only is it empowering to find your clients and produce work that you are proud of, but freelancers also have the ability to expand their business based on their needs.

In the near future, many companies will turn to freelancers to help fill gaps in employment, complete various projects, and reduce overhead because in-house teams are often expensive to maintain. If you are a freelance marketer, then your future looks bright, but you should also be aware of coming advancements in the marketing and technology industries.

One of the most significant shifts in how freelance marketers will find and execute their projects will be the development of big data and the Internet of Things (IoT). These two technological advancements show great promise to help freelance marketers achieve more success while also putting themselves on the same level of many large Fortune 500 marketing teams.

This is because big data enables businesses of all sizes to process massive amounts of information and find connections between specific data points. No longer will freelance marketers lack access to powerful processing units to identify underlying patterns of their target audience.

Big data and IoT will give freelance marketers the opportunity to discover new insights about your customers, your products, along with your market. A few of the direct benefits freelance marketers will experience once you leverage big data in your marketing strategy include:

1. Develop more detailed and accurate customer personas.

2. Predict the activities and preferences of the customers to personalize your advertising.

3. Improve production and distribution of articles across all of your marketing channels.4. Review your activities and segment based on particular choices.5. Reduce prices of retaining your customers over their client lifecycle.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 ways that IoT and big data solutions will help freelance marketers achieve more and build a larger portfolio!

1. Marketing Campaigns Will Be Relevant

Freelance marketers know that they need to produce excellent content that is relevant and valuable to their clients and target audience. As technology continues to advance this task has been easier for freelancers to accomplish, but IoT and big data will make the dream of personalized marketing a reality within the next five years.

Being relevant remains the most important objective for marketers, and data drives relevancy. Big data provides more points of knowledge that may result in increased relevancy.

The specific opportunities that big data provides depends upon what information you collect about your customer, and in general, the more data you collect and process for your customers the better.

However, the information you collect on your audience is only as good as how well you can process and interpret that data. IoT will give freelance marketers more data than ever before, and big data computing applications will help even solo-entrepreneurs process and understand that data quickly and easily.

2. Freelance Marketers Will Build Better Relationships With Their Audience

The growth of online shopping and e-commerce has come about because customers found improved efficiency, more personalization, and increased choice online compared to brick and mortar stores.

Data and personalization drove this rapid shift towards online shopping, and as big data technology matures freelance marketers will have the ability to produce highly personalized marketing campaigns without the need for a team of engineers.

Artificial intelligence and big data processing will provide small teams of freelance marketers the capability to sift through thousands of data points on an individual basis, and within a matter of moments, they can determine the best messaging and approach for each customer.

Improved IoT technology and significant data processing mean that freelance marketers will be able to provide customers exactly what they want when they want it. Synchronizing the messaging and offers based on what customers are doing in real-time means that freelance marketers will be able to develop a strong reputation for their clients, and this will make freelance marketers even more valuable.

3. Big Data Will Make Everything We Get Into A Marketing Platform

Accessing troves of information and interpreting that data is significant, but the real value of a marketer is their ability to position the right message, at the right time, to the right customer. As IoT and big data continue to integrate into our daily lives, these technologies will change how consumers consume and engage with content.

Freelance marketers need to be ready for the evolution of IoT beyond just smartwatches and mobile apps. The truth is, within the next ten years IoT and big data will make everything we touch a marketing platform. While many worry about the security and privacy issues these technologies present, the future looks great for freelance marketers when leveraging these technologies!

Many technological leaders envision the world where companies have access to client information through ever-expanding sensors and diverse electronic systems. The evolution of IoT will bring integrated ecosystems beyond the reach of what we see with Google and Amazon today.

The ongoing adoption of big data will be leveraged in self-driving automobiles, which will be one of the interesting opportunities for promotion in the not too distant future. Since Americans spend almost two hours daily journey to and from work, entrepreneurs will have the ability to engage their clients on a broad level when passengers are relieved of the tedious duties of driving.

In its place, motorists will have the capacity to become more productive and total tasks throughout that entrepreneurs and drive are likely to have the ability to integrate their advertising messaging to future autonomous vehicle technologies.

Big Data Will Push The Future Of Business Marketing

The rate that IoT and big data technology are advancing shows that freelance marketers will have new and exciting opportunities in the future to develop their craft.

Big data and IoT are two new improvements which will bring together technology, business marketing strategies, and personalized client experiences around a message and brand. If you want to ensure your success in the future as a freelance marketer then you should understand how technology is reshaping how marketing will take place in the business world.

The future of freelance marketing looks bright, and freelancers can work with emerging technologies to empower their passion and ensure their success today!


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