Introducing Annotations for Better Contest Results

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When something needs to get fixed in a contest entry, contest holders should have great tools to use when giving instructions for freelancers. To make things easier for both employers and freelancers, we’re happy to introduce annotations, a more precise means of providing feedback on contest entries.

What are Annotations?

With annotations, contest holders can effectively communicate the revisions they want on an entry by pointing out and commenting on a specific area for editing. This feature gives them better control over the modifications.

This also helps freelancers as it will save them time and effort if they can spot what to edit right away. Clearly knowing what to revise, freelancers will be able to submit better entries.

Posting Annotations

Only contest holders can post annotations. They can click anywhere on the entry to add a note or to give instructions for what should be fixed. Once they click on an area, a comment box attached to a dot will pop up.


Clicking ‘Post Comment’ closes the comment box and sends the note to the comment area opposite the entry.

Viewing Annotations

Clicking on an annotation dot opens the comment view box. Only contest holders can edit or delete the comment.


Post a contest now and see how annotations can help you get more awesome entries.

Let us know what you think of this new update by sharing your thoughts in the comment box below.

Postat: 18 iunie, 2015

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