Key Advantages Of Using Mobile Broadband For Small Business Owners

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Accessing high speed and reliable internet is crucial for all small business owners. Slow speeds limit one’s ability to use the internet whenever they need. Mobile broadband connectivity enables access to reliable internet at affordable rates. Despite its wide scope, most people associate mobile broadband with online entertainment. Below are 14 perks that come with using mobile broadband in your premises.

1.      Portability

Mobile broadband connectivity enables entrepreneurs to work from any location. All you need is a SIM card that ensures you can access the internet whenever the need arises. The portability helps you to stay on top of business operations, as you can instantly receive email notifications from clients and other stakeholders.

2.      Ease of connectivity

Another great advantage of connecting via mobile broadband is the ability to access the internet on various devices. You can use one SIM card to access the internet on your tablet, smartphone or laptop by connecting a dongle.  Mobile broadband connectivity allows multiple users to access the internet simultaneously, so it is cost-friendly compared to fixed line broadband connections. Creating a Wi-Fi hotspot from your smartphone or tablet will enable your employees to access high-speed internet on their devices.

3.      Flexibility

Mobile service providers have a variety of flexible mobile broadband packages suited for businesses. The most popular packages are the pay-as-you-go and monthly billing contracts. A business that generates adequate sales revenue can opt for a pay-as-you-go option. Entrepreneurs who select this package can pay for mobile broadband connectivity in advance, then top up data whenever the need arises. If you like keeping your options open, choosing a monthly rolling plan will allow you to access high-speed internet.

4.      Reliable backup internet connection

Certain events such as theft, power blackouts and vandalism may hinder you from accessing the internet via fixed line broadband connection. This brings about unwanted downtime that slows your business operations, and may lead to loss of customers. Mobile broadband connections are more stable and will help you minimize downtime whenever disaster strikes.

5.      Affordable

Unlike fixed-line connections that have high installation costs, mobile broadband connectivity enables you to get connected at virtually zero cost. You can acquire a free SIM card from a mobile service provider after paying your monthly internet service fee. A fixed line connection requires purchasing cables, routers, masts, all things that add to the expense - for a mobile connection, all you need is a SIM card.

6.      Cost saving features

The competitive nature of today’s telecommunication industry causes mobile network providers to roll out enticing mobile packages that provide excellent value for money. Some mobile network providers will grant you unlimited free access to social media sites when you subscribe to premium broadband packages. Free access to social media sites will help you minimize resources devoted towards online marketing.

7.      Loyalty rewarding program

Mobile network providers strive to retain customers as it’s convenient to engage in repeat business, rather than constantly searching for new customers. Marketing is costly and time-consuming. So a majority of mobile network providers lure their customers in with loyalty points that are redeemable for free internet data. Redeeming your loyalty points after several months will allow you to cut the costs of your internet expenses every now and again.

8.      Faster than DSL connection

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) connection uses regular telephone lines to enable users to access the internet.  The internet speed is usually capped by the ISP provider, and the only way to access higher connectivity speed is purchasing premium packages such as 256kbps and 512kbps. Mobile broadband connectivity offers better speeds to all its users, at the same cost. Subscribing to a mobile broadband monthly rolling plan allows you to access better internet speeds on 3G and 4G than a DSL connection.

9.      Ideal for cloud storage

The existence of mobile broadband connectivity has simplified the process of uploading files to cloud storage accounts. While DSL provides high and stable download speeds, it falls short when it comes to uploading medium and large sized files to cloud storage accounts.  Mobile broadband connectivity will help you back up important data much faster, and so ease the challenges that are associated with bulk data management.

10.  Supports VoIP calls better than DSL

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. A VoIP call is a phone call where the voice signals are transmitted over the internet rather than ordinary telephone cables. VoIP calls are far cheaper than conventional phone calls, since charges are based on the amount of data used rather than fixed calling rates, which are calculated per second or minute. VoIP phone calls require a mobile broadband internet connection as it requires fast uploading that’s necessary for conveying speech in real time.

11.  Facilitates use of multiple- users software

When working on a project with simultaneous users, one requires fast and reliable internet to help each user keep track of changes, as well as providing real-time feedback. Google Docs allow multiple users to read and edit a document collectively through using a mobile broadband connection. Relying on DSL is stressful since its poor upload speeds limit simultaneous uploading of files in real time.

12.  Improves overall efficiency in business operations

When your employees use a mobile broadband connection, they can send emails quickly. Obtaining information online becomes significantly easier, because they won't have to reload web pages frequently. This ensures everyone completes their daily tasks on time, and avoids the stress that comes with last-minute pressure.

13.   Supports advanced online communication platforms

Business websites need to have a real-time communication channel that allows timely responses to customer queries. Delays in responding to a customer's query may lead to loss of business. Mobile broadband connectivity will enable you to sustain a Live Chat feature on your brand’s website. This improves your marketing team’s overall efficiency, and will lead to better sales.

14.   Affordable upgrading costs

The launch of 4G internet has enabled smartphone and tablet owners to upload and download large files at greater speeds. You can upgrade from a 3G network to 4G by simply purchasing a 4G enabled SIM card, and a 4G-enabled smartphone or tablet. The total cost of upgrading to a 4G network is less than half of what it would cost you to switch to a 512kbps DSL monthly package.

Startup ventures normally operate under a tight budget, so it’s wise to maximize value for money through purchasing affordable mobile broadband packages. Mobile broadband connectivity will allow you to access useful online features that can help improve your sales - without spending additional capital. In addition to saving on recurrent expenses, you’ll enhance your ability to multi-task, because you can perform various online functions at the same time thanks to reliable internet access.

When you consider how affordable purchasing a SIM card is compared to purchasing equipment necessary for setting up a DSL connection, broadband connectivity is certainly the best option for small business owners.  You can access reliable monthly broadband connectivity for your small business by getting in touch with a renowned mobile network service provider.


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