Letter Fonts: The Best 25 Free Cursive Fonts To Spice Up Your Designs

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You’ve been combing through thousands of free cursive fonts trying to find the perfect letter font one, only to come up empty.


We’ve all been there. The right letter font can be a powerful asset in your design toolbox - they have the ability to portray a strong brand message and evoke powerful emotions from your audience. But, with the overwhelming choice of free cursive fonts out there how do you know which one is the right cursive font for you?


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We’ve handpicked the best free cursive fonts for you based on their creativity, uniqueness, readability and cost. But, if you’re looking for something with a little extra oomph, getting a custom cursive font designed specially for you could be the way to go.  

01. Rissa

Rissa free cursive font
Designer: Maulana Creative 
Bigger is better, right? Enter Rissa, a beautiful hand-drawn free cursive font. Rissa provides an authentic hand-drawn feel with its messy edges and thick brushstrokes. The underline treatment also helps to create a sense of boldness. A perfect letter font to make your posters and stationery really pop!
Download it here.     

02. Serendipity

Serendipity free cursive font
Designer: TheHungryJPEG
Aptly named, Serendipity is a beautiful free cursive font that has great personality, despite its simplicity. The thin-thick-thin brush strokes, paired with the deliberate irregularities in the lining brings a little charm to this calligraphic piece. It’s definitely one of our favourite letter fonts, and the perfect cursive font for branding and logotypes because of its readability and maturity.

Download it here.   

03. Mightype

Mightype best free cursive font

Designer: AF Studio  

Mightype is a beautiful, hand lettered cursive font that pays homage to traditional hand lettering artists. This letter font has great character, with the distinctive hand drawn texture element, and the fancy swirls and curls as the final cherry on top. Perfect to dress up an invitation, or website this font is sure to impress every time.  


Download it here.

04. Neaments

Neaments best free cursive font
Designer: Agga Switzblnk 

Neaments is a free cursive font that evokes a sense of playful eeriness. The varying brushstroke depths and intentional irregularities give it a nice calligraphic handwritten touch. Perfect for websites, invitations and t-shirts - you’ll even see an iPhone or two sporting this letter font.


Download it here.

05. Sophia

Sophia free cursive font

Designer: Emily Spadoni


Sophia. What comes to mind when you think of that name? Something feminine, elegant and beautiful. And that’s exactly what this free cursive font brings to the table, despite its thick, almost rough brush strokes. It has a carefree and fanciful air about it. The perfect letter font for adding a touch of delicate sweetness to a poster project.


Download it here.

06. Playlist

Playlist free cursive font

Designer: Artimasa Studio


Playlist is a playful free cursive font that shines with its imperfections. The dry brushstroke textures enhance the handwritten, worn style of this letter font. It’s designed to be imperfect. And that’s what makes it so versatile and lovable. If you’re creating apparel, posters, or homeware designs this font won’t disappoint. You’ll have fun while leaving a lasting impression!


Download it here.


07. The Woodlands

The Woodlands free cursive font

Designer: Jeremy Vessey


Woodlands takes its style from traditional calligraphy, but with a modern twist. The sweeping handwriting is stylish and sensual, which is helped along by the light brushstrokes. It isn’t the most legible cursive font from a distance, but it certainly does add a stroke of elegance to any design project, especially wedding invitations.


Download it here.


08. Bukhari

Bukhari free cursive font

Designer: Mikrojihad


Probably one of the most versatile free cursive fonts, Bukhari comes with a standard, stylistic, and combination set so that you can tailor it to fit your design project. You can also create custom typography with this OpenType letter font. The grunge texture gives the font a great vintage and retro feel; and though it’s not the most legible font, it will definitely add some creative flair to your posters, t-shirts or website.


Download it here.


09. Ecosmith Script  

Ecosmith Script free cursive font

Designer: Adam Fathony


Ecosmith is the perfect blend of classic meets modern calligraphy. Created with a 45 degree, thin brush stroke it can be used to dress up a design or keep things playful. The consistency of the brush strokes makes for a very clean cursive font. This is a must for apparel and display designs. You can even use it as a logotype!


Download it here.


10. Variane

Variane free cursive font

Designer: Boy Moch Tomi


Looking for something with a little vintage charm? Variane is your perfect partner in crime. It has great readability and the grunge texture gives this otherwise ordinary font a special retro effect. Not only will this cursive font make a great statement on a card, website or signage, but it’ll also add a personal handwritten touch to any logotype. You’ll be sure to connect with your audience with this letter font.


Download it here.


11. Fabfelt

Fabfelt Script free cursive font

Designer: Fabien Despinoy


Fabfelt is a bold letter font, with a distinct roundness to it. This gives it a soft and gentle air which translates to an elegant playfulness. Perfect for giving your labelling, packaging or logotypes that handmade touch, this free cursive font definitely brings its own personality to the creative table.


Download it here.


12. Bellico

Bellico free cursive font

Designer: Seventh Imperium


What do we love about Bellico? It’s just so darn clean. And with a variety of stylish add-ons, you can tailor this free cursive font to fit just about any design project and audience. There’s no give and take here, when it comes to legibility and accessibility. It definitely benefits from its narrow tracking, which makes it perfect for posters and headlines.  


Download it here.


13. Morracle

Morracle free cursive font


Designer: Maulana Creative


Right off the bat, Morracle is a free cursive font that makes you look twice. But that’s bad right? Well, not necessarily. The sheer size of the font and the use of dry brushstrokes to create that grainy, eerie texture is so fantastical, it makes you stop and stare. This makes it perfect for hero images, movie screens, film titles, and album covers.


Download it here.     


14. Gardenia

Gardenia free cursive font

Designer: Emily Spadoni


Gardenia has a sweet, positive personality. It has neat and graceful lines that vary in thickness, which gives it a mature air despite having a stylistic loop here and there. The tight tracking makes it a great cursive font solution for a majority of projects, especially as headlines to really capture the attention of your audience.  


Download it here.   


15. Carosello

Carosello free cursive font

Designer: Unio Creative Solutions


Carosello is marked by a thick roughness that skillfully marries modernity and retro style to create a typeface that reflects pop culture. It’s almost reminiscent of the bold, retro-futuristic lettering used in the Fallout games. The deliberate irregularities on the edges gives this letter font an awesome handwritten effect.


Download it here.   


16. Arkana

Arkana free cursive font

Designer: Maulana Creative 


Arkana is a great versatile free cursive font. The key feature of this beautiful calligraphy font is the ultra-thin links between the letters. It has a slightly bold weight in the body, and rounded edges that give it a soft and playful feel. This is the perfect cursive font for posters and apparel.  


Download it here.   


17. King Basil

King Basil free cursive font

Designer: Missy Meyer


King Basil is a exceptional bold cursive font. It always stays legible and easy to perceive, and there is a certain subtle quirkiness about it that helps leave a fantastic impression. The only downside? It does have a slightly more childish feel to it than some of the other free cursive fonts...     


Download it here.   


18. Hensa


Hensa free cursive font


Designer: Vlad Cristea & Raul Taciu


Hensa is a free cursive font marked by thick, heavy brushstrokes that taper at the entry and exit points. It contains the basic lowercase and uppercase letters, punctuation, ligatures and several swashes. This font looks stunning in black, and even better in a bold color like gold. Perfect to make your poster or webpage really pop.       


Download it here.


19. Smoothie Shoppe

Smoothie Shoppe free cursive font

Designer: Emily Spadoni


Smoothie Shoppe has a funky, playful look defined by a thick stroke and colored interior. This gives it a nice sweet, but modern look. It’s the perfect choice for signage, street ads and t-shirt designs.      


Download it here.


20. Wildera

Wildera free cursive font

Designer: Lauren Lee


Wildera is the sweet, sarcastic friend of the cursive font group. The calligraphic font includes stylized lowercase and uppercase letters, and ligatures. It has great rhythm and balance to it for a handwritten font, which makes it perfect for posters, signage, t-shirt design and Instagram posts.         


Download it here.

21. Debby

Debby free cursive font

Designer: Artimasa Studio


Debby is the wildchild of the group. With the irregular bouncy characters and rough shapes, it’s a free cursive font that’s designed to be beautifully imperfect. The thick, rough brushstrokes and tight tracking make it a perfect choice for hero images, quote posters, wedding invitations and greeting cards.  


Download it here.


22. Lemon Tuesday  

Lemon Tuesday free cursive font

Designer: Daria Kwon


Want to add a little more zest to your design? Lemon Tuesday is the perfect blend of handwritten goodness, and modern elegance. It has a slightly bold weight that helps it stand out, and the faded edges add a nice flourish that screams hand-drawn. This font is really cool for print design, including stationery.  


Download it here.  


23. Back To Black

Back To Back free cursive font


Designer: Misti Hammers


Back To Black is a free cursive font that will definitely draw all eyes to your design. With stunning swooshes, this perfect floating typeface has a modern beauty to it that will help it stand out from the environment. It is a great calligraphy font for posters, t-shirt designs and stationery.


Download it here.


24. The Heart Of Everything

The Heart Of Everything free cursive font

Designer: Misti Hammers


The Heart of Everything is a free cursive font that offers something a little more elegant, without sacrificing legibility. The flourishes on the uppercase characters are perfect, so as to not overpower the entire font. It has a classic calligraphic feel which will go perfectly well with stationery projects, especially wedding invitations.


Download it here.   


25. Hello Stockholm

Hello Stockholm free cursive font


Designer: Mats-Peter Forss


Stockholm is a fun, and modern brushed cursive font that has a subtle signature-style vibe. Minus the smeary, unreadable and heavy slant that characterizes signature fonts. It has a bold, unique personality to it that makes it great for branding, wedding invitations, t-shirt designs and Instagram posts.


Download it here.


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