28 Logo Design Ideas That Showcase Extreme Creativity

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An innovative logo is the face of a brand. It identifies the philosophies and the values of your business. You do not have to be over-creative; you can keep it simple while and still get the concept across. Paul Rand, one of the world’s greatest designers, says “a logo is a flag, a signature, an escutcheon, a street sign. A logo does not sell (directly), it identifies. A logo derives meaning from the quality of the thing it symbolizes, not the other way around."

It is very hard to establish yourself in the marketing world without a logo. In layman’s terms, a logo is like a mental shortcut to a product or company. Just how often do you recognize a car from its make, rather than the ever-present logo on the front?

A logo extends the underlying meaning of what your core business is about. It is like drawing a first impression just by glancing a picture, without mulling it over too much. The presence of a logo and associated designs are there to create that impression.

The timeless logos of Apple, BMW, Amazon have a home-like familiarity to them. With careful marketing, a logo can become the main reason for the sale of a company’s product.

So, here are some of the most prodigious logo design ideas to inspire you. 

1. Fish Food Logo Design


A mark of a fish skeletal system made of spoons, forks, and knives. A simple, yet so clever and fascinating logo which conveys all it stands for, and will always make people smile.

2. Tomot Creative Logo Design


A perfectly balanced logo which portrays a fin going down into the water, describing everything about the activity the brand represents. The black background creates a feeling of the mystery that is experienced in underwater diving.

3. Boundary Logo Design


The perfect combination of colors and creativity turn simple text into a great logo. The red, curvy lines in the word 'boundary' signify clearly what the brand is all about. A bold boundary!

4. Antarctica Artistic Logo


Logos with graphics and text are more complex, and they need to have a strong graphic design coupled with an easy-to-remember name. This Antarctica logo is a blend of words and graphics in a unique and effortless way.

5. Union of Moscow Architects Brand Logo


This Union of Moscow Architects logo is made up from a pencil (symbol of creation), a paper clip (symbol of the union), and the Moscow star. A very well-crafted logo which conveys the values of the brand clearly.

6. Bird & Worm Creative Agency - Artistic Logo Design


This Bird & Worm logo is colorful, appealing and converts the unique name of the brand into an exceptional image that sticks in your mind. The logo itself puts forward the creativity of the agency, and succeeds in earning the trust of the clientele.

7. Cook Finder Logo


This logo makes you bow to the simple but meticulous design! This is a perfect example of a thought-out, intelligent logo that you'll never really forget. The background is bright with white text, creating an appealing look.

8. Killed Productions Logo Design Idea


What can we say about this brilliant logo? It needs no words, and is the most creatively inspiring thing a designer can see to unleash their imagination.

9. Wiesinger Music Piano Service Logo


An unvarnished logo that conveys what the business is about, is exactly what you need to create a strong impression in the market. The initials of the brand name are portrayed as piano keys, with the complete brand name below it. Simple and effective!

10. Water Drop Artistic Logo


A beautiful logo with minimal effects; an artistic blend of the letter W and the shape of a water drop.

11. Silvia Logo Design


This Silvia logo has a balanced, easy going look with the twist of scissors for the letter A.

12. Motion Animation Studio Logo Design


This Motion Animation Studio logo is all about fun and creative animations. The letter O of the word motion has been given the look of a wheel. The pink background adds a lighthearted impression to the otherwise intricate process of animation.

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13. Spartan Golf Club Logo


When glancing at this logo, it seems as though the golfer has just completed a neat drive and is observing the ball flying through the air! If you look at the borders, it showcases a spartan helmet and warrior’s face, completing the able golfer.

14. Five Creative Logo


This is a clean and easy logo at first sight, but it has a quirky twist to it. The highlighted letter "V" grabs attention to its double meaning - the letter "V" is number 5 in Roman numerals.

15. BarCode Logo Design


This logo completely sets the mood for a few drinks in a lively Bar. Yellow background and coded beer mug combine to send the perfect message.

16. Go-tickets Logo


Even at a quick glance, one can tell this brand is all about entertainment, popcorn, and some moves! A great way to portray everything you offer in a single, jolly shape.

17. Fuel Creative Logo


Fuel logo design is artistic and the texture is really smooth. The word "fuel" made from a shoelace tells that the brand is about fitness.

18. My Indian Closet Logo


An incomparable logo, incorporating strong elements of what the brand stands for. The hangers suggest the brand is about clothing, and the twist comes when they create the outline of the Taj Mahal.

19. Coffee Night Creative Logo Design


This coffee night logo has a lot of atmosphere in it. The froth inside the cup takes the curves of a moon, symbolizing night. A great portrayal of the brand.

20. Unarmed Logo Design


The symbolism in this logo is plain witty! The brand name is Unarmed which is written in the logo in a simple format, but the picture of an unarmed man adds the creative quotient it needs.

21. Artists United Logo Design


This logo incorporates the symbol of creation, a pencil, using the first letters of the brand name. It is yet another well thought-out logo, reflecting the values of the brand.

22. Elena Alexeeva


Elena Alexeeva logo is clean, elegant and is made up of the initials of the brand name. The hidden symbol of 'a' in the capital 'E' imparts a creative edge to it.

23. Human Logo Design


A black and white logo made from the brand name itself. A sperm symbol is added to the letters 'a' and 'n' which gives the logo the human touch it needs, and implies creation.

24. Seven Sparrows Logo Design


This Seven Sparrows logo design comprises of the brand name around which a silhouette of seven sparrows is placed. The birds don't look out of place and are intelligently incorporated into the design. Ocean blue gives it a cool look.

25. Message Creative Logo Design


The Message logo stands out at a single glance. The letter 'M' has been transformed to furnish a look of two men shaking hands. Depicting the way to communicate, this logo tells all that a client needs to know about the brand.

26. Kittypic Logo Design


Kittypic logo incorporates literal symbols of the brand name. A cat holding a camera is a cute way to represent the brand. The colors of the logo are well balanced too.

27. Giant Owl Logo Design


This Giant Owl Productions Logo includes an animated logo, flat color palette, glow-in-the-dark paper, and a bold illustrative detail. This leverages a simple observation to balance an expected technicality with a playful personality. A great logo, showcasing all the personality of the brand.

28. Fubiz Logo


This subtly animated logo design of Fubiz grabs attention almost at once. The animations are a perfect showcase of the brand's business.

We hope these logo design ideas inspired you to make something more creative. Next time you are increasing your online presence, make sure you utilize all the power a creative logo can give you.

If you want to extend this list, you are always welcome to post your comments below.

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