Offline Tracking Now Available!

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Losing your Internet connection doesn’t mean you have to lose your tracked hours. With the Desktop App’s new offline tracking feature, you can confidently keep a record of your work even with an unstable Internet connection. 

Simply log in to the app, select a project to track and start the timer. If you get disconnected, the app will automatically save your sessions locally and upload them when you are connected again. Offline tracking lets you track up to four (4) hours worth of sessions.

For some projects, Invoices are now automatically generated based on the hours tracked using the Freelancer Desktop App. With offline tracking, you can prevent losing records of the hours you’ve worked for a project and the corresponding invoices.

Coming Soon

We are continuously improving the desktop app’s navigation to provide you a better experience in managing your projects. If you have any feedback on the current version or a suggestion for future releases, please email us at You can also share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

Postat: 3 august, 2015

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