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What is the determining factor of software prosperity? In today’s world, software and tech advancements have taken center stage. Software developers have a responsibility to make sure software functions as it should by carrying out regular code tests, remaining alert and monitoring any arising problems, and being flexible enough to fix problems in the shortest time. Whenever possible, developers should strive to identify problems before they arise. Various rules about software management and subsequent success abound, but they often have little impact on the  success good software achieves. It is not wrong to say the response software gets from its users is the ultimate determination of how prosperous it will be.

Convincing users to adopt change can be difficult, because they tend to repel it. Manipulating users into accepting new software is not easy. Users will not waste time perusing or researching for software that adds no value to their lives. However, developers can assure users of the positive impact such change will bring to their lives by providing unique, never used before software. Most users will not invest in something similar to what they already use, and they find learning about the same thing over and over again boring. Users embrace change that generates value in their lives and business ventures. 

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So how can developers ensure delivery of software that users will not only appreciate, but one that will give them value? Below are various points to help the developer optimize endorsement from the users.

  • Arm yourself with a communication strategy. This reinforces the application strategy.

  • Incorporate users in every stage of the procedure.

  • While staff training is paramount, it may not be the only important factor during this time.

  • Try to embrace change by appreciating and accepting that it is inevitable. Allow the employees to adjust to, and appreciate the change.

How does involving users optimize the software performance?

Developers are responsible for carrying out research and feasibility studies to determine various things. They seek to understand how people use existing software. This helps them learn what the user wants, as well as establishing preferences and problems to be solved. Developers can scrutinize the following:

  • User profile. Data collected will mainly focus on gender, education and age of the people using the software.

  • Expectations from the new software.

  • Any tasks carried out using the particular software by the user population, and the different, supporting tools created within the organization.

  • User response: are users excited about the new software, or are they afraid of it? It is well known that change is often not welcome. People don't want to re-learn something, particularly if they view it as a waste of time. If it doesn't have any perceived value, ask yourself what the change is for.

The above research gives developers a better understanding of what users anticipate, what motivates them, and their hopes and expectations. It is important that employees have a clear understanding of the existing software.

In addition, developers can utilize the services of a user with vast experience and understanding of an existing software. When choosing users, developers will want to make sure they choose people who, in addition to having good leadership skills, are flexible to change. This user shall play the role of a company representative in the face of other users.

Mastering and comprehending entire application procedures is critical to creating new software. It enables the developer to know what to do to enhance the software performance, and what to incorporate or omit during the procedure. If there are modifications to make, then this is the right moment.

When commencing the project

In this step, developers establish the software innovation from their point of view, and lay down its characteristics. The dedicated user chosen in the previous step will be a resource to assist the developer to help the project. This is a good opportunity for developers to learn, and figure out what users appreciate most in the existing software. In addition, developers are able to avoid a situation whereby they invest lots of money on features or characteristics that users won’t appreciate.

While in the process of creating the project

In this step, developers confirm comprehensive specifics of the desired results. Again, they get an opportunity to determine the performance they want for each characteristic. Incorporating dedicated users is critical, as they are the people who use the software on a daily basis. They are in a better position to give suggestions, and contribute on the best way to incorporate more features that users actually want.

From their experience with the existing software, they can give their input on the features that bring out a better representation of the developer’s work. Dedicated users are responsible for ensuring that a new version is in place and working adequately, while maintaining the developer's strategy and goals. They also make sure the developer’s objective is genuine, and rule out the presence of viruses and other components which are harmful to the computer.

Dedicated users will strive to ensure a developer’s work revolves around the scope of the plan and that the developer’s vision appears in their project. Their work is not to sugar-coat their service provider, it is to tell the developers what they think about the whole project. This enables them to make informed individual decisions about it.

When completing the project

Successful user participation in each one of the above steps ushers us into the last step. Here, dedicated users work in collaboration with the rest of the team to help create awareness, and convince users the software is a competitive option with the ability to add value to their businesses, and personal lives.

What are the benefits of having users participate in the whole process?

There are various benefits which include:

  • Relying on dedicated users whose objective is to steer new software towards prosperity. Such a user is valuable to the business. These efforts go a long way in promoting customer satisfaction and easing frustration within the organization.

  • Users are in a better position to suggest changes that will enhance software performance. Developers should design new software in such a way that it meets user expectations, while enhancing convenience within the office. In addition, the best software increases user efficiency and helps create time to run other errands.


In the quest to develop efficient software, it is important to understand that a small team of developers is more productive than a large one. Coordination between a small number of people is easier, with less room for error, and they are quicker to execute strategies. Incorporating dedicated users in the process of developing new software is the best way to connect with other users. While they help the development team understand the desires of other users, they act as ambassadors in promoting the software and overseeing its success.

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