Perseverance Is The Most Powerful Tool For Success

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My name is Orsi. I am an illustrator based in Transylvania and I want to tell you my story with hope to help those who are struggling as I did a long time ago.

I spent the first 28 years of my life scribbling and only dreaming of becoming an illustrator. However, the lack of perseverance didn’t take me too far towards my success. I expected instant results and I dreamt big without truly doing anything to fulfill those dreams. I made up all kinds of excuses to avoid the pain that was to follow: I blamed the quality of my paper, my pen, my desk lamp and the lack of time. I think this is familiar to many of you.

I didn’t have any real excuses though, since the only missing ingredient to becoming a real illustrator was the core ingredient, tenacity. Then one day I had a chat with myself. I realized that I was torturing myself and trust me, you don’t want to do that. I had to face the harsh reality: there will not be any success without sweat and pain. This was the first very important step: facing harsh reality.

I knew that the worst case scenario is failing, but even then I can say that at least I tried.
So I started drawing like mad. I tore to pieces a ton of papers. I redrew the same character at least 20 times, cried when my character on the paper wasn’t the same as in my head, wiped away my tears and started all over again. I started following other illustrators on every existing social media platform and experimented with different styles and techniques.

After a while I became confident enough to sell what I could do, so I signed up to this website, carefully created my portfolio, placed my first bid and TADAAAA….I won my first project in just 2 days. I felt happier than ever and this gave my self-confidence a huge boost. I finally admitted that my only boundary was me. So I continued placing bids and worked really hard. At first it took me a lot of time to complete the illustrations, but with time I got better, faster and more professional.

At the time I started my own sculpting process, I practiced freelancing only as a secondary job. I sacrificed all my spare time to drawing, learning and bidding. After two years I resigned my day-job and now I am a full-time freelance illustrator. I can finally say that my work is my passion.

Please remember that in order to succeed:

  • You don’t need to buy the most expensive gear right from the beginning. Start working with what you have and upgrade when you feel you’ve earned it.

  • It is not enough to just want success; you have to feel it flowing through your veins, go to bed wanting it and wake up wanting it even more.

  • Exercise, then exercise some more and exercise even more. The process of learning never stops.

Perseverance is your boat floating on the river of your talent towards your success.


Postat: 22 septembrie, 2017

Orsolya Orbán

Children's Illustrator

ABOUT ME HEY EVERYONE! Orsolya Orbán is an enthusiastic children’s book illustrator. She is self-taught and has a constant thirst for learning new things. Over the years Orsi illustrated game cards, flyers, covers, educational books, and storybooks. Her favorite stories are the ones that make her laugh. She loves illustrating silly characters. She is addicted to drawing lots of humorous details ...

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