A whole new generation of mockups is changing the way your business will succeed.

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It used to be your camera, some nuanced lighting, and an appropriate backdrop were the cumbersome list of tools you needed in order to create effective images for showcasing your products. Not anymore. A whole new generation of mockups is changing the way we develop product images. Whether for promotional purposes, customer communications or social media showcases, product mockups are helping businesses share their offerings with the world in realistic and vibrant new ways!


For Starting a Business…

That’s right, you don’t have to have an endless supply of prototypes to photograph. Using realistic looking product mockups, you have a virtual store all ready to go. From an online t-shirt business, to business card and stationary creator, and even ball cap designer, you can create the images needed to show your potential customers exactly what you have to offer.


Make Your Website a True Experience

Especially if yours is a venture that sells products--from food, to toys, to garments--you need to be able to show off your stuff in the most effective way possible. It’s all well and good to create a website, but if your website lacks that essential experience of bringing users face-to-screen with your product, then it really isn’t doing its job—at least not efficiently. Enter the product mockup! Show your audience exactly what you are providing, and bring your website to life.


Be the Professional You Always Wanted to Be!

Even if you’re just starting out in a new business venture, you don’t need to scream it to the world. Make yourself and your business idea look like the real thing. Quality, photo-realistic product mockups say to the world: I know what I’m doing, I am experienced, and I am committed to providing my customers with the highest quality items.


Show the Customer What They Can Expect

Product mockups are a great way to help clarify to your customer exactly what they’ll be receiving. Especially when it comes to personalized or custom pieces, being able to create and send a visual of that product certainly can help alleviate any confusion or misunderstanding.


They Make for An Awesome Portfolio

Your portfolio is after all the essence of who you are and what your company is all about. Having lifelike, high quality product mockups representing your brand and showcased in a well-choreographed portfolio only stand to enhance your digital presence.


Offline Advertising

Despite popularly held beliefs, not everything is digital—not yet anyway. People still do use print ads. There are still billboards and strategically posted signage. Banners (not the web variety) do still appear now and again. If you can present your products in the best light possible on these good old fashioned mediums of display, then this is yet another powerful tool in your marketing arsenal.


They are Budget Friendly

With the ease of creating such mockups, they are far more economical for your business or startup than going out and manufacturing the actual product or even prototype. There are numerous freelancers and design professionals available who can help you with your product mockup, and generally the costs are going to be far more affordable than exploring the prototype route.  


Product Mockups are Great for DIYers

Let’s say you have recently established an Etsy shop—congrats! Now let’s say you need to fill your shop page with relevant products—not so easy. This is where the affordable product mockup really comes into play. Create as many versions as you want of a certain product (or of course hire a talented artist to generate these for you). Either way, now you have a full shop, and now you can offer users a more genuine experience of your products.


Customers are more Prone to Take Action

Odds are, the end goal of your site is to get visitors to purchase your product, whatever it may be. From wine glasses, to websites, to t-shirts and beyond, the list of the mockups you can create and display is virtually endless. If the user is actually seeing what they will get, if it is presented to them in a realistic way, then they are far more likely to hit your well-placed call to action button.


Make Blogs More Engaging

You don’t necessarily have to be selling something to have a need for a dynamic mockup. For instance, what if you’re a food blogger. Having images created of real-life food to accent the cleverly written prose can go a long way toward making your blog pop.


The great thing about product mockups is that they can be as elaborate or as simple as you want. As long as they’re realistic looking and paint your product or idea in the most effective light possible, then they are doing the job.

Not sure exactly how to get started creating product mockups, or perhaps you simply don’t have the time…no problem, Freelancer.com has a database full of talented designers and artists who are on hand to help. Maybe you even want to consult with a marketing expert to figure out how to best highlight your new business via product mockups…you can find plenty of those here as well!

Simply post your project and get started—it only takes a few seconds!

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