14 Quick Things You Can Do On Social Media Today To Boost Your Career

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Social Media is something that keeps us constantly engaged. Whether it is updating Facebook friends about our getaways, conversing on Twitter, or showcasing our craft or cooking skills on Instagram, we are always reaching out in some way. This keeps us entertained, but social media can be used as an effective tool for your business or career, too. It’s a great way to land yourself a lucrative job, advertise your brand, or climb the ladder of success.

Posting on social media requires some moves in the right direction if you want to boost your career. If you’re not sure how to go about it, here are some tips to help you use social media professionally. These 14 tips can put you on the path to making you a better manager, candidate, or employee.

1. Follow publications regularly

The latest news from your industry - updates, rising and declining trends - will reach you easily on social media. Once you “like” their pages, your newsfeed will fill with videos, articles, and discussions. You can use this know-how to make an impression on your boss or interviewer.

2. Follow big shots in your industry

Once you expand your professional network to include the giants of your field, you will get guidance or advice on a daily basis. For some general career clues, check out the vital peeps on LinkedIn or Twitter.

3. “Share” what you like about them

Just by clicking “share,” you can begin building your own brand, becoming a leader in your niche. People will see when you 'like,' 'share,' or comment on other people's updates. Whenever you find informative articles or posts, express your views by asking a question or commenting on it. You can even tag people who you feel might like them. Your reputation will be enhanced due to the amount of good content attached to your name.

4. Use a good photo

Your LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter profiles should have a clear picture with a simple background. Don’t ever post blurry, zoom-in pictures of you taken in a group. A clean, simple, yet polished picture makes a lot of difference, as HR people can get a clear image of you. Being a professional photo, doesn’t mean it has to be colorless or bland. You add a fun element to the picture or background - just remember you're applying for a job, not fishing for 'likes.'

5. Personal bio should be dignified

Presenting a professional online face is necessary to get you noticed. There are templates already available for Twitter or LinkedIn, so you don’t need to waste time making one for yourself.

6. “Like” pages of other people

Whenever you see a new article written by a friend or colleague, ensure you like it along with tagging him or her. Comment on posts of your co-workers, boss or colleagues with enthusiasm when required, such as wishing them a happy birthday or congratulating them on their wedding, etc. Use endorsements on LinkedIn if you are pleased with an associate. These little actions keep your name in the picture, and motivate others also to do likewise.

7. Ask others to like your posts

If you want to spread the word about your recent project, the best way is to share it and ask your followers to 'like,' 'share,' or 'comment' on it. Ask them to write their views, and provide feedback. Get recommendations to upgrade your profile on LinkedIn. This can prove a great opportunity to share social proofs and third party endorsements of your expertise with others who want to make decisions regarding hiring, or making a purchase.

8. Join a Social Media Network Group

You will find several groups on LinkedIn and Facebook where you will be able to take part in interesting discussions. Find a group to your liking and join it. You can use it to get advice on anything from business and career opportunities, to networking towards a good job.

9. Interact with your Expanded Network

Once you start connecting on social networking sites, you will connect with your extended network, too. However, there will certainly be people from your school, college, or some past co-workers who you would like to connect with. Search for alumni in the required field, sending small, personalized messages requesting them to connect. One never knows what someone has to offer. You can get an opportunity to interact with people on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn who might prove profitable for your career.

10.  Pursue someone to the point of stalking

Isn’t this something you are already doing? It could only be for work-related reasons, but we tend to pursue the accounts of others for more and more information. We keep trailing some company’s Instagram account, or thoroughly go through someone’s Twitter feed to get a real account of their business affairs. You cannot call it stalking; it’s researching how others manage their affairs, or to get ideas to include in your business plans.

11.  Edit your bio from time to time

Even if you made your bio just a few months ago, it always needs updating. Give it a new look by editing it and deleting unnecessary stories or quotes. Bullet points could be included with a little new information, while irrelevant points could be removed or deleted. If you feel the content is not perfect, try changing your settings.

12.  Use Google

Google is related to other social media websites, and anyone can search your name. Type it into a search engine to see what they see - and if you’re looking at your old profile, it’s time to change it. It’s always advisable to run your name through a search engine time and again, and use what you find to update your online image.

13. Attracting new clients and employers

Your regular posts and other activities on social media indicate you are a skilled professional in your field. Prospective employers and clients will value your professionalism, recognizing you and your work. Keep up consistent quality, and they will keep you in mind.

14. Write Content to Showcase your Skills

This goes somewhat beyond curating content. It is about actually writing articles of 500+ words, giving your insight and perception to your followers. One way of doing this is to make a website with a blog, but there are some social networks that offer a built in editor for longer blogs, with a ready audience waiting to read your posts. Write an article on Facebook or LinkedIn, and see the feedback.

Social media is thus an excellent tool when it comes to boosting your business or career. You just need to think of suitable ways of utilizing it to move your company or career path upwards. You must remember to draw a line between having fun and professionalism when it comes to boosting your career.

Have you thought of a plan of action to use on social media?  Do let us know if the above tips have helped you in boosting your career path. We would love to read your feedback in the comments section.

Postat: 6 septembrie, 2017


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