Stepping up as a Preferred Freelancer

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My journey as a Preferred Freelancer

My name is Tatiana Loughman, EA. I got accepted into the Preferred Freelancer Program one or two years ago. Sometimes, you just have one of those days in your career that you’d call ‘lucky’. For me, that was the day I was sent a message that said “Would you like to be in our Preferred Freelancer Program”? Shortly after receiving that message, I was verified by Freelancer and had the Preferred Freelancer badge added to my profile. That was a huge step in my career! 

Improving my reputation

After that I was like a leading freelancer in my field. One of my clients even told me that I always appear at the top of his searches. You can charge what you are worth once you establish your reputation. Thankfully, I felt like my reputation was pretty much established through PFP and so I thought “Why should I not charge what I’m worth now?” 

Working with the Preferred Support Team

Also, Preferred Freelancer Program support is so good! They always respond to my requests in a timely manner, which is very much appreciated. Thank you for all you have done for me Freelancer!


Postat: 15 septembrie, 2021


US Taxes, Bookkeeping, IRS Tax Debt Resolution.

Hello, my name is London Loughman & I'm: - an Enrolled Agent, - Chartered Economist, - QBO ProAdvisor, - Authorized E-File Provider. - Second Year Law Student. I'm enrolled to practice before The IRS. I have 15+ years of experience. I have many satisfied clients. I'm very diligent & dedicated to each client. I have a Masters in Economics, majoring in Accounting & Auditing; Ba...

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