Top 5 Startup Trends and Ideas to Watch out for in 2017

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With the new year well upon us, it’s time to get those creative juices flowing. The startup world is ripe for bold new business ideas and innovative thinking in terms of what types of companies stand to make a true impact.

Entrepreneurship is at an all-time high as many people are taking the plunge and starting new business ventures inspired by the promise of what 2017 might bring. What are some of the hottest business ideas? What startup concepts are worth a second look? Here is our overview of the top 5 startup trends for this year.

Social Media Consultant. Yep, it’s a Facebook kinda world out there. Everyone and, I mean everyone, is on some form of social media. Be it Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter, we are all about posting perspectives, sharing funny videos or promoting our new venture. Perhaps this is why so many businesses are rapidly hopping on the social media bandwagon.

The problem seems to be that in the course of a day, between running their companies and attending to all of the details associated with their business operations, they are left with little time to post about a new product, office event or promotion—and even less time to tweet about their office’s take on the current state of world affairs.

This is where a highly skilled social media manager comes into play. You, in essence, act as their social liaison, keeping a calendar and helping the company stay up to date on everything Facebook, Snapchat or Tumblr. Getting started in this type of startup business is easier than you think. The toughest part will be advertising your services and getting your name out there. A marketing freelancer skilled in the subtle art of advertising and self-promotion can be a great resource for helping build your new company’s brand.

Crowdfunding Campaign Designer. The emergence of crowdfunding by virtue of the amazingly rapid success of platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo has companies scrambling to create cohesive campaigns for their new products and/or services. With traditional banks tightening the reins as far as what they are willing to loan especially to smaller or startup companies, crowdfunding has become the new green.

That said, most are befuddled as to how to go about putting together a successful campaign. Most crowdfunding platforms only allow companies a certain amount of time to establish their campaign and earn the requisite money. If they fall short, they stand to lose out. By becoming a specialized crowdfunding guru, you can pretty much count on customers.

One of the biggest keys to establishing a crowdfunding campaign creation business is to be ultra-organized.  With a number of moving parts, any crowdfunding campaign demands keen attention to detail, knowledge of digital marketing in terms of what works and what doesn’t, and decisively creative energy. Now, if you can handle all of this on your own, hats off to you. But most crowdfunding campaigns can use a little help. Perhaps you’re after copy that truly makes the company and their product come alive. A freelance content wrtier can certainly help. How about an attention-grabbing video for the platform—a talented video creator is an excellent resource to have in your back pocket. A terrific business idea, especially as more and more businesses go the way of the crowdfunding platform-- just make sure you have all bases covered.  

Organic Beauty Products. Everyone loves the word ‘organic.’ From soaps, to lipstick, to shampoos, the more natural the better. Not to mention, people are also interested in buying products that are eco-friendly and sustainable. So if you have a knack for creating these types of sought-after items, than you just might have the beginnings of a tremendous business idea.

Lending itself well to starting small, creating the types of items that qualify as organic beauty products could potentially grow into quite a profitable little startup. Some of the most recognized names in this niche, to include Gabriel Cosmetics (now doing $10 million in revenue), began as a home-based business. A little creativity, marketing savvy and determination, and your business too can grow.

What types of things will you need to get this particular startup going? Obviously a basic understanding of beauty products, some form of a headquarters for formulating your organic creations and then of course there’s the ‘business’ end of it: A killer website, attractive packaging, some fundamental marketing. Let’s say your talent really just lies in the actual product creation, no problem there are incredibly skilled freelancers available to help you design and develop an amazing site and even freelancers who can work with you to create the perfect packaging solution.

Real Estate Photographer. The home buying and selling business is one that will never run out of steam. The way that it’s done however has certainly changed, in even just the past few years. With everything online now, properties are often bought and sold sight unseen. Here is where a professional real estate photographer really comes into play.

Whether for agents or homeowners themselves, well-staged, expertly lit and developed photos are integral to a successful home sale. Certainly, many opt to take care of the pics themselves, but more and more, people are turning to the services of a dedicated real estate photog to handle their image needs, as they know perfection is paramount.

What does this mean for you: get your camera and get out there. Start scanning your local listings for “photos to come” ads. There’s an opportunity there—it may require knocking on a few doors, but you can make it happen. So what do you need to get started? For one, as you are selling quality photos, you need a site and portfolio that showcase just how truly talented you are. Hire a freelance web designer who’s experienced when it comes to working with professionals in your niche. You also may want to think about enlisting the services of a copywriteror marketing specialist to create that can’t-resist email campaign that gets potential customers calling.

Professional Organizer. We all have clutter, that mountain of must-haves that inevitably really never see the light of day again. For some reason, people just hate to part with their “stuff.” You’ve all seen the show hoarders right—clutter taken to gargantuan proportions. There truly is a demand for individuals interested in helping people organize, and thus streamline their lives.

If you are anal about organization than this startup business idea just may be the perfect gig for you! Imagine getting to tell others how to clean up, how to reinvent their messes and how to straighten up their lives in general. For many, this may indeed sound like the ultimate dream job.

To get started it really doesn’t take much. You are your own best resource when it comes to being a professional organizer. Now it’s just a matter of finding the clients. Starting a blog about your adventures in cleaning and organizing could certainly help draw attention to your new startup venture. Not sure how to create a blog? No problem, there are many talented freelance Wordpress developers and blog creators that could help you get going. 


If you’ve been dreaming about getting your new business underway in 2017, then go for it! And by accessing’s platform of creative and talented writers, developers, marketers, and package designers, you have no excuse not to get your new startup going.



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