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You’ve poured your ideas into a video. You’ve successfully promoted your video. But are you giving your audience what it wants to see? When it comes to marketing, grabbing their attention and fulfilling their needs is more important than your opinion of the content.

Even if you believe your audience is happy with your video content, you cannot afford to sit back and relax. It’s not enough to get their attention; you need to analyse their reaction after watching. Your video content can’t rely on creativity alone - it must be well-developed, and thought about after the fact.

You can analyse the effectiveness of your video content by asking yourself several questions:

  • Is my topic interesting enough for the audience? Even for a limited number of people?

  • How will the audience react to this content?

  • If I were a consumer watching the video, would I likewhat I’d seen or believe I’d wasted my time?

  • What is the reaction of Joe Public with ‘xxx’ cause when they see this video? Will they consider it relevant to their interests? Will they skip it after few seconds? Will they learn anything?

All these questions must be answered honestly as you develop your content. Videos have become one of the most powerful techniques to get a message across, and you don’t want to waste the potential.

Here’s what people look for in quality video content:

1. Entertainment

People like to be entertained. You don’t have to mount a full-scale Hollywood production, but you should make an effort to engage in an entertaining way as you market your product, or send your message. Video content is a lot like TV for most people, so they will have the same expectation of not being bored as they watch.

The content can be simple, but it needs to be interesting. A simple Q&A with someone in your industry, or a tutorial that makes people laugh. Inject personality into it, and viewers will stick around for the duration.

2. Education

Educational videos are always a winner if presented well. People love to learn things, especially in a visual way that walks them through a process.

Education is a word with a broad meaning associated with it; it can be subdivided into many sections. Whether trying to use a new product, maintenance, repairing, or learning to do your sixth-grade homework, Internet videos can be of great help. Based on an online survey from Accenture Interactive, 54% of the survey takers claim that watching videos helped them in using a product. Thanks for these videos, brands now feel safe since marketing can now be done with excellent results.

People feel safe when they watch their desired product in action, for example, using a printer and showing the quality of printing. This video captured while printing is likely to make the consumer comfortable that the product produces a certain quality. Even if an ordinary product is being marketed, nothing will beat an online video that makes the people see their product in action and get convinced that it plays the role they want it to play.

So just by a mouse click, you can make the audience explore the product they always wanted to acquire but were afraid to pay for the same. This method of marketing also opens the doors to selling products, people have never heard about, by making a video if its uses and benefits are appealing enough to people who have never noticed the functionality of such a product.

3. Innovative technology

The world’s demand for new technology is always present, and the smart business owner is the person who uses the newest technology in his work. This usage makes the business more credible to the audience as they feel the care and productivity present by the business owner. So a rule of thumb: if your videos exploit innovative technology, you will attract an audience.

You have two paths - either you demonstrate how your product is based on high technology or you present your product along with new or high technology to attract the youth since they are the best type of audience to get affected by the emergence of new technology as in video gaming for example. So relating your product by a way or another to technology aids in the marketing process, since it targets an enormous number of people who are ready to spend a lot of money and effort just for the urge of having the highest technology in proximity.

4. Social causes


One of the most valuable things about online videos is the viewers’ ability to access video content about whatever pops up their minds. People are actively interested in watching the content which serves their individual needs. Although individual needs vary a lot, there are certain requirements which are common to a large chunk of people.

In the survey mentioned earlier by Accenture Interactive, 51% of people claimed that they got their feet pulled into videos that supported causes they are devoted to.

Even if some people do not even know about the causes you support in your videos, they might get involved after they view your activities, even if you are completely unknown to them. So when you get to this point, you are not sharing causes, you are sharing values that will get you in contact with people with similar minds who support your cause because your video sparked something inside them that led them to appreciate your cause and efforts.

5. Emotional causes

There are a lot. Making videos that demonstrate services offerings like charity videos, visiting cancer patients, helping homeless people, recycling wastes, cleaning your neighborhood, etc. Such videos appeal to the audience in a very interesting manner that you will be amazed by how successful your video became quickly.

With such sensational and emotional options, you will surely grab the attention of the audience because of the causes you are raising and defending. And, at the same time, you are also showing the sensational part of your business aside from the economic or money making process, which makes the audience appreciate your work even more and that gives credibility to your business as a reward.

As mentioned earlier, videos reach the heart of the public quickly due to the visual and vocal effects. Video marketing has proved its credibility by attracting an enormous number of people to a cause, product, educational purpose, etc. due to the ease and motivation, it supplies. So, the smartness here is knowing how to pour your ideas into a creative video with answering the questions mentioned earlier in the article.

Do you have any other idea that can create magic of attracting the audience with few clicks? We'd love to hear from you in the comments section.

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