What Should You Look For in an Interior Designer

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Much like the fashion industry, the work of an interior designer is often associated with excess as opposed to practicality. In reality, interior designing is a craft that cannot be accomplished without taking utility and even safety into consideration. Mastering the profession requires not only years of study, but also tremendous patience and discipline. To make the most of your resources, you will need to make sure that your interior designer excels in these prime areas.

1. Communication

Most clients believe that the number one rule in interior designing is creativity. Those who do are only more likely to wound up unsatisfied with results. If anything, a designer who can communicate well, whether with a client, a fellow designer or a supplier, has a better chance of fulfilling the goal of a design project.

A good designer understands what the client wants and needs in developing a space from choosing which colors and materials to use all the way to achieving the final look. He or she can only do this through communication and the ability to establish a successful working relationship with you.From there, relaying the requirements to the design team and suppliers will come much more effortlessly.

2. Resourcefulness and flexibility

Each designer has a style of creativity that helps build his or her identity. But it doesn’t always cut it once they start to deal with clients. With creativity comes a willingness to be flexible or being able to work around issues concerning the concept development, no matter how complex these may be.

This is where one’s ability to research and thoroughly examine a space also come into play. A creative designer should be able to balance personal style and client needs with what is deemed practical. This way, he or she can come up with a design that is not only visually appealing, but also fresh, distinctive and acceptable.

3. Management and organization

A sufficient designer is a leader, almost just as much as he or she is a follower. Once you have made your target design clear, the rest is up to your chosen designer to execute. That is why you need to make sure that he or she has the right amount of patience to spearhead and monitor all aspects concerning the development of the design.

Furthermore, you’ll want to look for a designer who thinks short-term, rather than long-term, which is a key quality in any form of production. This means that the designer should be able to allot a good level of attention toeach step of the execution, while ensuring that the assigned budget and schedule are strictly followed.

4. Training

On top of those qualities, it also takes a certain level of understanding of the industry, particularly the matter of space planning, to come up with effective designs.See to it that the designer you will potentially hire is already licensed, or at the very least, a degree holder in interior design, architecture or similar fields.

Design schools are aplenty nowadays and you need to make sure that your designer comes from a reputable institution that specializes in the field. Designers who do are more likely to have built or capable of building a stronger network of clients, designers and suppliers who can attest to his or her expertise. In addition, these designers will most likely know the kind of technical issues that might arise in each stage of the production and determine the appropriate ways to address them.

No matter what your desired concept is, it should be clear by now that what you’re looking for in an interior designer is more than just his or her level of creativity. In your search, be sure to take note of these qualities so you can get ahead to bringing your dream design a reality.

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