Wordpress Plug-ins: What Should You Get?

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WordPress is one of the largest and most preferred content management systems to date. Compared to other platforms and a standard static page, WordPress offers the easiest solution for non-programmers to create, delete and edit their website’s pages. Adding images, video, and other once complex website additions are also simplified. WordPress brings easier website updates and even easier social networking integration as well.

Using the right amount and type of plug-ins can make your WordPress page even more powerful and functional. With so many plug-ins to choose from, it is confusing which should and shouldn’t be downloaded. Here's a WordPress plug-in guide to discover what plug-ins you need to look into.

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin
This is the most popular WordPress plug-in today, and is the answer for websites that need user-friendly SEO functionality. A lot of users appreciate the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin's snippet preview feature that allows you or your webmaster to review the final look of a post or page. Other notable features include page analysis, breadcrumbs, RSS Optimization, editable robots.txt and tags.

Already using Yoast WordPress SEO? Check out the Yoast Google Analytics. This Yoast plug-in is specifically developed to help you track Google Analytics by integrating the Google Analytics API into your website. It also offers tracking and reports from your WordPress website.

Mailchimp is also a must-have Wordpress plug-in. It is extremely useful if you are expanding your subscriber list. This plug-in enables you to create sign-up forms that you can place wherever you want. You can use the default theme or have it customized using HTML. Mailchimp can be integrated with other plug-ins such as Contact Form 7 and WooCommerce.

W3 Total Cache
If your website is loading slowly, you may want to install and activate W3 Total Cache. This plug-in increases your website’s performance to provide a better user experience. It is widely used by large companies such as AT&T and recommended by large web hosts like Go Daddy.

Some of W3 Total Cache’s features are shared hosting compatibility, mobile support, and content delivery network management. Once installed and activated, you can enjoy faster site performance, improved browser caching and page rendering, reduced load time, and even increased bandwidth savings.

Contact Form 7
A website is not complete without a contact form. Contact Form 7 helps developers and first-time WordPress users create and customize a contact form without hardcore coding. Lost? You can use Contact Form 7’s docs, FAQ, or support forum.

Are you part of the e-commerce industry? Woocommerce is the best plug-in for e-commerce websites. It is customizable so it can complement your business’ design theme, and it allows you to track stock, sales and review with its user-friendly dashboard. Payment methods are also available with Woocommerce. If you can’t find your preferred payment, you can get the plug-in’s premium extensions.

There is a huge number of WordPress plug-ins to choose from and you should know which ones are best for your website’s needs. Before downloading any plug-in, use this guide as reference. If a plug-in doesn’t suit your needs, make sure to deactivate, delete and find another. Remember: installing too many plug-ins can slow down your website.

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