11 Writing Tools For Crafting The Perfect Social Media Post

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Whoever thinks content writing is too easy is doing it wrong. Everything good in this world is achieved through hard work. In this digitally advanced age, where anything can be accomplished with the click of a few buttons, it’s easy to think you can become a writer. It's easy to jot down the ideas and thoughts that come to mind, and expect them to be good enough. It is not! When it comes to social media marketing, content is king. And every social media marketer must perfect the art of writing if they want good results.

Developing awesome content is a challenging job. Luckily, the internet provides a wide range of writing tools that can help you develop the ultimate social media post.

Hemingway App

The Hemingway app helps you edit your post by highlighting the commonly made writing errors. According to the Hemingway website, the app helps make your writing bold and clear. By highlighting sentences, the editor helps get rid of opaque words, unwanted adverbs, and passive voice in your writing. It also provides suggestions for alternatives.

To use the Hemingway app, all you have to do is paste your text into the online editor. The app will assess your writing and suggest recommendations for improving your style. While you can use the online version of the app for free, you need to pay $19.99 for the desktop version.


This is a great app that reviews your writing by checking it against a large database of languages. Writefull is free, convenient to use and you can activate it in any writing tool such as MS Word, Outlook, Gmail, etc.

To use it, simply download the plugin, highlight the text to be checked, and activate the writefull app. You have the option to choose the particular database against which you want to assess your writing.

Writefull offers various options such as:

  • Checking how often the selected text appears in the language database. If it is found many times, chances are it is written correctly

  • Translating text from any language to English

  • Hearing how your text is pronounced

  • Checking the most commonly used synonyms of a given word in your selected text

  • Comparing two chunks of text to see how often they appear in the database


For those who are active in Instagram, Snapchat or other popular social media apps, coming up with suitable captions for photos can be a stressful task. This is where Captiona, a caption generating app for Instagram and Snapchat posts, comes in handy.

Captiona is basically a search engine that allows you to enter a keyword based on the content of your post. The app then generates a list of caption suggestions you can choose from. Just tap on the one you want to copy it. You can even save the captions you really like for later use. Captiona costs $0.99 per download from the App Store.


ZenPen is a great tool for distraction-free writing. If you want to block chat pings and all such distractions, ZenPen is the ideal writing tool.

Simply go the ZenPen website, remove the starter text, and fill the area with your writing. In addition to supporting basic formattings such as bold, italics, and URLs, it allows you to set a word count target. When you're done, you can save the whole draft in plain text or HTML.

Power Thesaurus

Power Thesaurus is a great source of alternatives words, which you can use to ramp up your writing quality. If you are looking for new ways to express your thoughts, Power Thesaurus is exactly what you need. It is a free, crowdfunded tool that produces suggestions of synonyms from a huge community of writers. Every suggestion generated by the Power Thesaurus is ranked and rated by the members of the community.

For meticulous proofreading and editing works, visit freelancer.com.


It is natural for spelling and grammatical errors to occur while writing, especially when you are in a hurry to get your content published. If you are writing content to market your brand, you need to avoid these errors, as it will negatively affect the reputation of your brand.

Grammarly, a grammar and writing revision tool, helps you develop flawless social media posts by eliminating every error; spelling, grammatical, and even poor word choices. This free online tool can be integrated with a wide range of online platforms such as Twitter, Gmail, and more. For that professional touch in your posts, get the paid version.


This is another spelling and grammar check tool that is used to scan website content for errors. The tool also provides personalized reviews of the content. While the first 10 scans are free, you need to pay $29.95 annually for unlimited access.

To use this tool, you need to email your content to Correctica. You receive the proofed copy back within minutes.


ProWritingAid is a free online editing tool (premium desktop version costs from $40 to $140) that provides a detailed evaluation of your writing. It helps detect errors like repetition, lack of variation in sentence length, overuse of adverbs, passive voice, vague wording, and much more.

If you wish to use ProWritingAid for more than reviewing and editing short social media posts, it is better to go for the paid desktop version. The free online version only reviews 3,000 words at a time.


Wordcounter is an online service that finds overused words in your writing. The tool also helps you improve your writing style, choice of words and also to spot grammar mistakes and plagiarism. To use the tool, simply type into the text box provided. Alternately, you can copy and paste your text into the online editor. If you are writing SEO based content, Wordcounter helps you track the number of keywords in a document.

Cliché Finder

Use the ClicheFinder tool to highlight overused phrases or hidden cliches. Simply enter some of your writing into the text area, and hit the submit button. Cliches in your text are highlighted in red. With the ClicheFinder tool, your writing will no longer contain overused phrases that have little effect.


Similar to the ZenPen, ZenWriter is a software program that offers you a peaceful and open place with minimum distractions to organize your thoughts and ideas. Costing just under $10, this tool also provides customizable therapeutic music and natural scenery backgrounds to induce a calming and relaxing effect. Unlike other editing tools, you won't find many formatting options here. The entire height and width of your screen are devoted to just you and your words.

For a writer, words are the most valuable asset. The success of a writer lies in knowing how to use these words properly in order to engage readers. By making use of the right editing tools, you can improve the quality of your social media posts and publish them error-free.

We are sure that these tools will come handy for your intended purpose. Try these out and let us know what you think!

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