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How should a web developer work

întrebare adresată de către sahilmohile15 14 februarie, 2016

Hello, i want to know how should a web developer work, means if i get a job of building a website do i have to host it and if yes how should i means on who's name mine or employer's and do employer give us design or content detail about website. how should we work for them.

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Tj Thouhid
Tj Thouhid
a răspuns 2 years ago

no, not you have to host it,
you can host it on your demo server for show off,
and when you deliver it to client, you can ask him to buy a host and domain,
or ask him if you buy him a host and domain, and go by the process he like.
and yeah client will give you ever content and details for your work, or you can get them by questioning him/her. so before accepting any project discuss with client . what you need to work, what he can provide etc.

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