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What is Freelancer New Feature "Initiate chat with employer ".

întrebare adresată de către Anjanee Shukla 27 aprilie, 2016

What is Freelancer New Feature "Initiate chat with employer ". I think this will decrease the chances of getting project awarded to a new freelancer. Coz most of the employers who come on freelancer for the first time, Don't know the workflow on freelancer.com and if after posting the project freelancer will recommend them to chat with someone, chances are more likely that they will not consider other bids. and go with that freelancer only. However, I think this feature is useless as well coz if the employer will be interested in top-ranked bid, He/she can directly send him/her a message but in this scenario new freelancers will also get a consideration which may convert into project award .

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Actually it is the other way around. For example - my most recent employer contacted me through the chat interface and asked me to write a couple of lines on one of his service offerings. When he saw the writing style and quality consistent with my portfolio, he hired me.

The chat interface also comes with an audio and video calling option that allows for freelancers and employers to interact with each other without leaving the freelancer interface. This helps employers in interviewing freelancers and gives freelancers an additional avenue to score points with the employer, thus increasing the chances of getting a project.

Lastly, the attach file option allows freelancers to send files to employers that can include test response files, and samples that are not on the portfolio. The really nice part of the chat feature is that employers can quickly check the skill of the freelancer by administering a small test. From my experience, this is really a nice offering from Freelancer to help both employers and freelancers to improve their chance of a better experience on the site.

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