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I can actually do this better, I'm rushing to get in under the wire - if you want proper clothes, hair etc - can do but not in the time left. Also, could do with doing larger. But they style is authentic, 50's ad art. Of course, backgrounds, colors etc can be changed - nice challenged, wish I got to see yesterday. Hope you like.

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  • DepartmentS
    • acum 5 luni

    Oh, and - yeah - I handle video and animation, if you need that too. Since you asked. Thanks again, M : )

    • acum 5 luni
    1. SharonHWP
      Titular Concurs
      • acum 5 luni

      Great! Do you have some examples of video/animation work that you would share with me? We are looking for something similar to what we sent last year but updated in several ways:

      • acum 5 luni