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Youtube Banner & Logo

This is the banner and logo I created for the youtube channel you specified. One of the banners contain rectangles that represent which part of the pictures would be shown on computers and phones. The whole package took 3 hours to complete, hope you are satisfied with it. The Logo: The logo is inspired by Fox Toys logo and resembles a very similar style that people could easily identify with. The text on the original logo is replaced by Sebas and Matthew as it is the name of the channel. The Banner: The center of the banner featured two random detailly drawn kids. They have clean silhouettes and simple yet intricate shading. On the sides of the two kids are a bunch of toys that symbolize and represent the channel itself as it is a toy review channel. I had put in much effort into this project and I hope you like it as much as I do. If you want any changes, I would love to follow up on them for free. Sincerely, Aldrin

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