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Getting your crowdfunding campaign funded

Hello! I read your request and I fully understand what you want to do. I see you need an expert that can create , track, follow and promote your crowdfunding campaign to success. For you to get your campaign funded, here are few things you need to know. 1: since you deal with physical product, a video of how the clock looks like, how it works and it's advantages will be so much required and it will compell your donors that it worth their money. 2: Use perks: perks are incentives that attract your audience to donate, they can be something worth in exchange or their dollars. 3: promote your campaign: most campaign fails because they lack the right promotion. Let me give you tips about how to promote your campaign: 1: use social media: for your clock, social media will be so perfect. Because,they will get to see the product. 2: Email marketing: Social media will expose the product but email will promote to those that will donate. Get the campaign in their inbox and they donate .

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