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Here's just a preview of how i tackled the challenge, i'm planning to do the voiceswaps with just the text-to-speech generator since it's main goal is to achieve comedic ambient so i don't think it would be that off since the robotic voice cut-ins might bring some comedic value to the clip. I tought i'd have it done earlier but i've become uncle in the past days so we've been busy with that but now i'll go back to finishing it if you haven't chosen a winner yet. I still have to swap a few people's faces in some shots but i'm close to finished

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  • WEEdic
    • acum 4 luni

    i can also remove the batman mask but i thought it works better with it :)

    • acum 4 luni
    1. jackhainline
      Titular Concurs
      • acum 4 luni

      lol this is awesome. i love it. i agree the robotic value will definitely add comedy. i also become an uncle recently! congrats! haven't chosen a winner yet but really love your work so far

      • acum 4 luni