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contemporary living room

Hello, I have designed the space with high end finishes like marble floors, veneers walls and a lots of colorful furniture to make the space look lively , colorful and contemporary. I have played with neutral tones on walls and floors. and in future if you want a new look, you can change the furniture fabrics or the pieces entirely and get a new look to the space. since grey is a color that can match up with any bright lively colors, i have chosen it for your floor. also the luxe feel to the space is from the golden accents and mirrors. hope you like it !! i have flushed the room doors in the veneer panelling, so it looks neater when you are entertaining . i have created a light mirror and metal partition between dining space and the living room, so that it gets more private area P.S: i couldn't render the image, but if time is there i can render and send the images again.. do let me know if you have any changes if you are looking for more traditional look then do let me know .

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