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Minimalistic Product Packaging

Here is my design for your product! Firstly, I didn't design for full page as it will cover the pages and it will be easier for the customers to see that if it's lined. Reducing the packaging size will also be a cost-effective step for you. The design contains discbound notebook image so it will be more easier to understand for the potential buyers. Lastly, this was designed in Adobe illustrator, so any color/design/icon can be changed very easily and within a very short period of time. Will be waiting for your feedback. Thank you!

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    Love the addition of the image of the notebook. Great idea. I still think that there is too much emphasis on the brand in this one. I thought that the other entry you created was better in that regard. I think this one would be better if the logo was smaller and towards the bottom instead. I also don't know how I feel about the blues, but I could be wrong. Part of me thinks it might look weird with another color.

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    1. sabbir911
      • acum 2 luni

      thanks for your thoughtful feedback, I will work on those and update you soon!
      Lets see how it goes.

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