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Since the work is not finished yet, there may be places that catch your eyes. As you can see, I put the illumunati union at the center, I changed the pyramid you want. I added a dark tone to the other fingers to show the middle finger, believe me, it looked very bad otherwise. I made the objects a little smaller, I placed the bull and the bear under the lamp, I think it expresses it better. They liked it very much, and I wanted to add the koalas because the fire in Australia affected me very much. By putting the police and the military side by side, I gathered both the Palestinian problem and the Floyd problem, and I added people protesting to the back, and I will continue my style through them. As I said, the study was not finished, but it made the eyes of those looking at the study look a little wider.Like ı said my mind a little bit tired ım still working.How did you find this work?

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  • BitcassoArt
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    • acum 4 luni

    This is a big improvement as you started putting your own influence into it and how the problems affect you. I am excited to see the finished product

    • acum 4 luni
    1. Bearkhann
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      Ok My friend ı will try to back to you as soon as possible

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