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We are a nutritional supplement business, our key product is a range of dietary supplements that benefit the skin.

The name of our brand is Sparkle. Can read about us at [login to view URL]

We are preparing to expand our business to a broader set of products, both a larger range of nutritional products that go beyond just a skin focus, as well as potentially other lifestyle products oriented around contributing towards incorporating easy ways in to your daily routine that help you to be healthy and happy.

As part of that, this project is to prepare two new logos.
1) New Corporate Logo - "Sparkle Wellness" - potentially to become our new main logo, used as a replacemnt to our current simpler 'Sparkle'. The two words should be clearly recognisable as text within the logo
2) New Tagline Logo - "Love Sparkle Life" - intended to be used as a tagline or meme representative of the spirit of Sparkle. The three words should be clearly recognisable as text within the logo.

Some more information on both:

Sparkle Wellness - ideally the new logo should incorporate our current logo into the design, aiming to allow for brand recognition consistency... but its not absolutely necessary... if you feel you have a design that works better without incorporating our current logo, then that is ok too. The current logo is attached to the project as both eps and png formats.

Love Sparkle Life - the phrase is intentionally ambigious. As in, it is not specifically 'Love, Sparkle, Life', or 'Love the Sparkle Life', or 'Love Sparkle in your Life', or 'Love Sparkle, Love Life', etc, etc... the intention of the ambiguity is that it can be interpreted in the way that the reader wants, but overall is intended to convey an essence of positive and happy things, one of which is Love, one of which is Life itself, and one of which is Sparkle as a spirit of intention to assist in achieving wellness and fulfillment, to help you get the best out of life.

As part of the materials, attaching a pdf of our corporate color palette. The Sparkle colours are pretty and vivid, aiming to be feminine skewed, but not to the exlcusion of male appeal... our dominant color on the product is a bright playful yellow, our current logo is a single color, mostly used in a warm orange, both colors a reflection of warmth, energy and positivity.

The current logo does change color from product to product, and ideally we would like these new ones also to be in a single color to allow for this.

As well, it should hold recognisability at small scale and larger scale... e.g in a 100x100 pixel representation, should be as recognisable as in a 2,000 x 2,000 pixel...

Finally, a brief description of how we see our brand, to help in understanding the voice we portray for our current skin oriented product line.
The Sparkle Brand Voice

We believe that wellness is derived from establishing good habits. By taking small positive steps every day in nutrition, exercise, stress management and rest, it can make a big difference to our health and well-being.

Sparkle plays an important element in the nutritional part of that, by providing an abundance of nutrition for your skin. As a complement to your regular skincare routine, Sparkle looks after your skin from the inside, to help you look your best.

We also believe that wellness should be fun and easy to do. Every day, as you take your positive steps to a better you, it is a reason to celebrate that you are doing something great for yourself.

Our About Page also describes Sparkle well:
[login to view URL]

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