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Album Artwork

I want to explain my work. As is known, the clouds are as a symbol of dreams. Strong, direct, simple and accomplished symbol can tell the feelings of your songs at a glance. And I used the clouds are wrap around your head. And waterfalls are leaking from your ears. Music notes are overflowing from your brain. Fishes ( can be birds too) jumping around. This harmony tells us, like your feelings are dancing or appearing. everything is in motion. When we look at it, we ll see the perfect harmony of your music and your feelings. the last two photos of mine old work. I wanted to show the style of it.It is done on computer but I can paint it or I can use both of. It can be more detailed and colorful also it can be supported by a deferent style which is very convenient designed for it. If you like my idea you can see my portfolio and discern my working styles. I preferred to show my sketches first because the original workll take too much time. I didint want to started without your opinion.

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    and I you like it ı am going to need your high resolution photo on this position.

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