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The dreamer

Hi,what's up? The idea is that this could be you as a kid,but it could just as well be everyone of us,the part of us that is the dreamer. I could go on explaining,but what's the point,you see it,and it is what it is. But I will say I listened to your music,and made this personally for you. If you like it,I can change whatever,because it is hand drawn in Photoshop. If you don't like it,I would be happy to make something for myself with this picture,because I really like the quiet mood of it. So it's a win win for me! Enough selling/rambling,tell me what you think?

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  • alexhobbsmusic
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    • acum 8 ani

    You're very talented. I dig it, I think it doesn't look like me too much. But the story it tells is super cool. This is how I write music personally :)

    • acum 8 ani